Lavinia LeBlanc code name Gargouille a young female mutant former member of Acolytes with the appearance of a gargoyle.


Gargouille was a member of the Acolytes led by Exodus who participated in a assault on Wundagore Mountain. After the Acolytes defeat Exodus joined Mister Sinister's Marauders Gargouille and former Acolytes members who refused to follow Exodus anymore were assaulted by the X-Men asking them about Exodus' current location.

Gargouille was so upset about the defeat that she stopped following the Acolytes and Exodus she reformed changed stopped her crimes as a terrorist and dropped off the grid. Leaving the villain team Lavinia has been having a rough life she became homeless and a beggar staying in abandoned places doing anything to avoid her old life. By leaving the Acolytes Gargouille became one of the few members to survive the fall of the villain team while many of the other died and currently remain dead. Gargouille survived the fall of the Acolytes she kept her her powers after Scarlet Witch many of the mutants powers on m-day. Gargouille has also managed to survive the hard life of living on the streets. Another mutant who managed to survive the downfall of the Acolytes and to avoid dying unlike most of the other members and managed to reform from a villain was Skids.

Skids was a member of the Acolytes along with Gargouille she worked with Lavinia and many of the other members of the group until the two left the villain team.


Lavinia has the appearance of a gargoyle she has horns, wings, claws on her hands and feet, pointy ears grey hair and grey skin.

She also has similar traits to an imp her small diminutive size the claws, horns, pointy ears and wings.

Powers and Abilities

Her gargoyle mutation gave Lavinia a diminutive (3 feet, 8 inches) statrue and highly dense body. It also gives her:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superman Agility
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Coordination
  • Hyper-Keen Senses
  • Talons
  • Horns
  • Wings
  • Stone Body/Skin


  • It is believed by fans that Gargouille was the young femal mutant in the pink hoodie killed by Predator X in a subway system. But this girls appearance did not match with Lavinia. The mysterious girl had grey skin but smaller horns, she didn't have any wings, she hand human hands and no claws, she had blonde hair not grey hair and she was taller than Gargouille. That mutant was the height normal teenager and while Gargouille was not 3 feet, 8 inches like Lavinia.
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