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Garu is a 12 year old boy (Turns 13 in the episode "The Cursed Tie") . He is one of the main characters and deuteragonist in the Pucca series. He is a skilled, shy, and quite serious-natured ninja who is the best friend of the arrogant Abyo and the titular character's unrequited love interest. To Pucca's frustration, however, he rarely returns any form of affection and always tries to escape Pucca's attempts to kiss him. He owns a black cat called Mio. He is voiced by Brian Drummond in Pucca (2006) who provides Garu's sounds. In Pucca (2019)/Pucca: Love Recipe he is voiced by Yongwoo Shin


Garu is a dedicated ninja in training. He has a very serious nature and enjoys his own company. Garu has been shown to almost immediately accept a quest if told it will bring him "great honor." The reason for this, although never revealed in the TV series, most likely stems from one of Garu's ancestors bringing dishonor upon his family (as was revealed in the original Flash cartoons).


Garu, like many ninjas, dresses in black. On his ninja jumpsuit is a large red heart. He keeps his hair up in his iconic pigtails because his hair is quite long, as seen in the episode Fab Abyo.


Abilites and Powers

Garu is an excellent ninja. He has displayed advanced swordsmanship and an incredible grasp on ninjutsu. He has inhuman endurance (i.e running around the world without tiring) and can perform super athletic feats without batting an eyelid. He has earned himself the "Fire Wasp Ninja" status with his combat skill level. Garu possesses an ability called the "Garusion Illusion," which allows him to create multiple clones of himself that give him the edge in a seemingly uneven fight.

He has also demonstrated his extensive ability to play the erhu, which quickly lulls people to sleep. Some of Garu's techniques are based on Master Hiel Kikyu's skills, who is a martial artist that Garu greatly admires.

Garu is capable of superhuman athletics and endurance, although Pucca still manages to get the best of him.


  • In the episode And the Band Played Rong Garu is shown to be able to play the Erhu. It irritates Tobe whenever he plays it.
  • In Fab Abyo, after being attacked with hair curlers, Garu's pigtails are released to finally show his true hair, long with blue highlights. However, the blue coloring may be a factor of the curlers (such as hair dye) and not his natural hair.
  • Garu was born on December 2.
  • He is shown crying for the first time in Pucca: Love Recipe
  • He weighs 169 pounds
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