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Gary is a supporting protagonist of the animated film Sahara. He is voiced by Mark Hauser.


Gary is Eva's younger brother. At first, he is seen to be an annoying, irresponsible, and pretentious teenager who is only good at complaining.

Later, toward the ending, he changes himself, and becomes serious when needed, intelligent, brave, a little scared, and possibly a little charismatic.

He also suffers from an addiction to the pollen of flowers that he loves to breathe, and that puts him in a hovering state.



Gary is Eva's younger brother, the latter of which is captured by Ajar. At one point, Gary tries to "scare" Ajar by telling him that his father is very rich. While he does support Ajar sometimes, he does cause some problems. For example, he scares the tourists in the car, resulting in Pitt getting knocked out. Later, when Eva and Ajar reunite, he is seen smiling. In the end, Omar is defeated, and everyone is happy. Plus, Gary gets a girlfriend who happens to be one of the snakes Omar has captured previously.