Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly are the main protagonists of the Weird Science TV series. It is based on a John Hughes movie Weird Science 1985 movie. Gary and Wyatt are two geeks and outsiders who just started high school in Farber High School in Farber California. Gary and Wyatt first day in high school, they just became targets to the popular jocks and become they are new target for bullying. Mostly these two are always being rejected by girls in this school. Mostly they also is bullied and pushed around by Wyatt's brother Chet. That changes when Gary and Wyatt watched the movie the Bride of Frankenstein. Gary had an idea to make a beautiful woman, who could teach him and Wyatt how to pick up women and learn more about them. Wyatt was reluctant of this idea at first. But go along with it. It worked and this computer girl came to life they named her Lisa. She is a computer Genie that can grant any wish that Gary and Wyatt can have. They go on a lot adventures and make a lot of wishes. Mostly the wishes wears off for a while. But Gary and Wyatt learned a lot from these wishes and helped them take down a lot of bullies and get a date with the hottest girls in the world. Gary and Wyatt became very popular in high school Thanks to Lisa.


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