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The RVR-01 "Gauntlet" is the protagonist ship in Thunder Force V. It was constructed as the first model in the new RVR series of starfighters.

Thunder Force V

Upon discovery of the Rynex in the solar system, human beings (whom dubbed the extra-terrestrial spaceraft "Vasteel") began producing a series of refined starfighters. The first model of which was the RVR-01. According to evidence, a total of at least seven models of this particular craft were produced, but the one that plays the role of the protagonist is flown by Cenes Crawford. By the end of the game, the craft is ultimately destroyed and replaced by the RVR-02 Vambrace.

Thunder Force VI

Although the Gauntlet does not appear in this game (as it was destroyed). The ORN Faust transforms into a gargantuan, evil version of this starfighter, after failing to destroy the player as evil versions of the Styx and Rynex. In the end, he ORN version of this spacecraft is destroyed by the player's ship.

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