We never should've said yes if we knew we were gonna be the bad guys!
~ The Geese upon realizing that they're made as villians

Geese are one of the (former) main antagonists turned supporting protagonists in "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special".


In "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese", they were a foursome of Canadian Geese who sought nothing more than to claim the Park as their own personal territory, and attempting to do so by violently attacking anyone who intervened. In battle mode, they become a giant robotic-bodied entity with four goose heads, similarly to their young counterparts. They were the arch enemies of the Baby Ducks. The Geese were eventually defeated by a giant fist from the Duck Man.

They later return in Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special as enforcers to the Boss of PlayCo whom made Carter and Briggs signing a contract for his ridiculous work. It was until The Park Gangs, witness the contract says the ducks as heroes while the geese as villains, in which the geese dislikes it, the geese turn on their boss and decide to help the park gangs, Carter and Briggs, and the ducks, defeating the boss. In the end, The Geese and The Ducks made a truce, same time when the boss and his assistant, whom revealed to be alive change their minds to focus on video game instead, much to the gangs's agreements.

Brilliant Century Duck CrIsis Special

The geese returned and have joined forces with the Cassowary and Businessman. When they outnumber the crew, they realize they are made into villains and turn against the Businessman and seemingly kill them. When they succeed, they admit that they were comrades, shake hands with the Baby Ducks and join with the cast in celebrating the change in the businessmen's offer presumably redeemimg themselves.

Mega Geese

The Mega Geese is the Geese's transformation. It had the ability to fire energy beams and missiles dubbed "Scrabble Missles". The Mega Geese nearly defeated the Duck Man, which is the Baby Duck's transformation, until Mordecai and Rigby powered up the Duck Man and eventually the Goose Monster was defeated.

The Geese Monster returns in Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special.


  • Super Strength -
  • Scramble Missiles -
  • Laser Beams -

Modo Gooseowary X

needs more info

Lunar Gooseowary X: Omega Warrior

  • Scramble Missiles (Crisis Spread) -
  • Nega Missile -


  • They were all voiced by Fred Tatasciore in "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese", but in "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special" only the leader was voiced by Fred Tatasciore, while the others were voiced by Steve Blum.
  • The appearance of Gooseowary is inspired by the Mazinger Z enemy, Doublas M2.



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