Genbu no Okina is one of the heroes from The Last Blade.


Genbu no Okina is the guardian of the demon portal known as the "Hell's Gate". For years, he and three other guardians have been watching its seal.

In the many years, this was peaceful, and Okina resigned from the fishing and hermit complacency. In the five years of his leisure life, Kaede found him and he hopes to train with him to improve his sword skills. Okina told the young man he knew that Kaede left after improving his skills. Feeling that the boy’s departure and training were a sign of trouble, Okina followed him a distance.

Although Kaede prevented the opening of the door, it was still not properly sealed. As the oldest guardian, Okina realized this and knew that to properly seal the portal, the legendary "Sealing Maiden" needed a ceremony. He is also found an assassin called "Messenger From Afar" rumored to hunt down the girl. In order to fulfill the role of guardian, Okina began a journey.


Okina is an experienced fighter that loved solitude. He loves his land and lives to protect it from the dangers of Makai. Okina believes that Kagami and Shigen are not evil. He also believes deeply that Kaede will become a perfect guardian. Okina was also a friend of Gaisei, and most likely took over Kaede, Yuki, and Moriya's training after Gaisei's death.


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