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The General George Armstrong Custer is a major character in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithonian.

He is protrayed by Bill Hader who also portrayed Richie Tozier in It: Chapter Two.


In real life, General Custer was an officer of the United States military and a cavalry commander during the American Civil War and the American Indian Wars. 

In the film, there is a wax statue in his image, placed at the Smithonian Institution. He loves fighting and doesn't care about having an organized plan to attack. However, he is internally insecure, considering himself a loser after having experienced a failure in the battle of Little Bighorn. He will quickly understand that he is made to lead and will take it upon himself to help Larry and his friends defeat Kahmunrah.


Reliving when Ahkmenrah's tablet enlivens all the figures in the museum, Custer invites Larry to get on his motorbike while he was chased by Kahmunrah's men. As he tells Larry to drive, the general takes a metal frame while straightening up and is captured. 

In the box with Larry's friends, he proposes a plan that Sacagawea refutes since he suggests attacking the enemy by screaming that they will do so and Custer abandons this plan.

He proposes another later which consists in attacking the enemy by shouting that they are not going to do it and Jed and Octavius ​​escape on their side to help Larry although Jed is captured by Al Capone's men.

General Custer appears in the final battle, himself screaming that he is not attacking Kahmunrah and his henchmen. The two clans clash and Custer hides himself, cowardly. Larry finds him and Custer admits to him that he thinks he's a loser and that everything he has done is not glorious. But seeing his allies being dominated, he understands that they need a leader and stands up to fight although he is quickly hit in the face and falls to the ground.

After the defeat of Kahmunrah, Custer hoists a flag on the throne of the pharaoh and vows the success of the battle although not everyone will have known it. 

Custer is seen for the last time greeting Larry who returns to the Natural History Museum with his friends.


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