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Genie Ellington is a supporting character in the 2019 psychological horror comedy Ma. She is the daughter of the titular Ma.

She was portrayed by Tanyell Waivers.


Maggie first meets Genie when she was attending her new high school. As she was in the wheelchair at the time, Maggie assists her in pushing her wheelchair due to it running low on its batteries. Following the initial meeting, Genie was forced to stay home by her mother Sue Anne who claimed that she was doing so because she was sick. However, it is later revealed that Ma was actually heavily drugging her daughter to make her feel sick solely because she did not want her to leave the house. Genie reappears again when Maggie and Haley infiltrate Sue Ann's house under the belief that Sue Anne had stolen their jewelry. Explaining that she was related to Sue Anne, she alerts the girls to leave when she hears her mother pull up in the driveway.

After drugging Maggie and her friends, a police officer is alerted to investigate the garbage only to be shot dead by Sue Anne. Horrified, Genie freaks out, but Sue Anne harshly forces her to assist her in getting rid of the body. With the body hidden away, Sue Anne returns to the basement and compels Maggie into taking a picture of Sue Anne on the couch with her unconscious and mutilated friends before getting nearly hung by the depraved woman. Before she could kill her, Genie enters the basement upon hearing the commotion and knocks her mother out and saving Maggie.

When Erica and Stu manage to open the entrance of the basement, Sue Anne comes to and grabs her daughter. She then tries to toss her into the flames to spite Maggie but is stabbed by her. Releasing her grip on her, Genie escapes the burning house with the others while her mother is left to burn.

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