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Geoff Tipps is one of the many ensemble characters appearing in the dark comedy series The League of Gentlemen from 1999 to 2002 and then in 2017, in which he is played by one of the writers Reece Shearsmith, who portrays several other characters on the programme. Geoff works for a plastics company who aspires to be a stand up comedian. Although not heroic in the main show due to his psychopathic tenancies, bad temper and mistreatment of his friends, these traits are removed in the 2005 film adaptation The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse. Geoff appears as one of the three main protagonists of that film, and is portrayed more like a bumbling idiot who only wishes to be a hero.


The League of Gentlemen (1999-2002)

Geoff has no heroic deeds in the television series. He is a psychopathic maniac with a bad temper, who often bad mouths his two friends Mike and Brian, even going as far as to threaten to shoot them dead. He aspires to be a stand up comedian, but cannot tell a joke, which is outdated. Near the end of the original series, Geoff is framed for a terrorist incident, but later escapes being caught due to poor identification of him, as well as his face being badly mutilated in a car accident, meaning that the surgery will ensure he will be unrecognizable. At the end of the show, he is shown to finally be able to make people laugh, which makes him happy.

The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (2005)

In the 2005 film adaptation, Geoff is portrayed as bumbling although far more well meaning, as he wishes to be viewed as a hero and gain respect from those around him. His psychopathic traits from the television series are completely removed. In the film, he travels into the real world with fellow characters Hilary Briss and Herr Lipp to find their creators The League of Gentlemen and save their world from destruction. The three of them kidnap one of the writers Steve Pemberton and hold him at a run down hotel, and Herr Lipp covers up Pemberton's disappearance by disguising as him, as Pemberton is the actor that plays him in the show. When Pemberton attempts to escape, Briss gives chase, and Geoff uses the opportunity to teleport himself into a new work on the League of Gentleman called The King's Evil, a Gothic horror film. In the new narrative, Geoff makes himself the saviour of the King of England, who is about to be killed by a demonic creature. The King gives Geoff recognition for saving him and throws him a party, and even knights Geoff during the ceremony. But the celebration doesn't last after Geoff is abducted by those that conspired to kill the King, and taken to the film's main villain Dr. Pea.

During a torture session, Geoff ends up confessing that the world they live in is fictional. Although Geoff attempts to defy Dr. Pea, the torture becomes too much and he brings Dr. Pea to his world of Royston Vasey, which is nearly in ruins. Dr. Pea attempts to unleash a monstrous creature upon the town, but it is defeated by Briss. After Briss is killed by Pea, Geoff uses a poison limb from the creature to kill Dr. Pea and stop his invasion.

By this point two of their creators are deceased, which only leaves Mark Gatiss. But Herr Lipp holds Gatiss at gunpoint in the church, intending to kill him and end their world once and for all, as he sees their existence as pointless due to being fictional. Geoff talks Lipp out of killing Gatiss, although Geoff himself accidentally shoots Mark dead with the gun. But fortunately for the characters, this turns out to be the solution to stopping the apocalypse, as things revert back to normal in the town. Before Geoff leaves the church, he is congratulated by other Royston Vasey residents for saving the day.

The League of Gentlemen (2017 Anniversary Specials)

An older, much more cynical, Geoff appears in the 2017 anniversary specials. At this point he is still working for Mike and Brian, and tries to pitch then an idea for a new product. Mike agrees to help Mike on the condition that he kills his wife Cheryl, as she has grown too overweight. Geoff goes to commit the deed, only to end up going to an old house Mike and Cheryl stayed at and kills Pauline Campbell Jones.

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