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George is the protagonist of the Rampage games, as well as the deuteragonist and anti-hero of the 2018 live action film adaptation. He is a giant gorilla in the game series, while he is a mutated albino gorilla in the 2018 film adaptation.

George in the 2018 live-action film was portrayed by Jason Liles through motion capture.


Rampage games

He was once a human, but due to a mutation he went through after trying Scumlabs' Scum Soda, he turned into a hulking gorilla monster. Later, he joined Lizzie and Ralph (fellow monsters) in rampaging across the planet. Scumlabs has sent multiple gadgets and machines to stop the creatures. All these machines were destroyed, and many Scumlabs headquarters were destroyed. Scumlabs even went so far as to build cryogenic tubes to contain the creatures. This ended in failure as well, as the monsters freed each other and began another gentle rampage.

2018 film

Davis Okoye, a primatologist, has been caring all of his life for George, a silverback albino gorilla, that he saved when he was a year old, at the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary.

However, a strange genetic experiment left by the scientist Claire Wyden accidentally falls into his habitat, infecting him, causing him to grow hugely and adopt aggressive and savage behavior after a few days. Okoye assumes that the experiment had something to do with George's problem, so he along with Dr. Kate Caldwell is taken to an agency led by agent Harvey Russell who tells him about the "Rampage Project". After escaping from the sanctuary, George begins to cause panic in the city but is quickly incapacitated and taken in a cargo plane to the facilities of the agency. George, having adopted a huge force, is freed from his imprisonment and knocks down the cargo plane, causing it to crash in the middle of a field.

George, along with Ralph and Crock begin to cause panic, death and destruction around North America, destroying everything in their path while fighting for supremacy.

Meanwhile, Okoye is forced, along with Caldwell, to find an antidote before he, along with Ralph and Crock cause a worldwide catastrophe. Okoye and Caldwell break into Claire Wyden's research facility and manages to find the antidote to control his savage behavior. Unfortunately, they are then stopped by Claire Wyden, who shoots Okoye and forces Caldwell to leave with her on helicopter. As soon as they get to the roof, however, George, Ralph and Crock arrive and start to destroy the building they are on. Okoye is revealed to be still alive as he rescues Caldwell from Wyden. Caldwell manages to put the cure in Wyden's handbag before George grabs her and drops her in his mouth, devouring her in whole.

After the building is destroyed, George survives and retains his normal personality. However, Ralph and Crock also survived and are still rampaging. With the help of Davis, he fights both Ralph and Crock. He throws Ralph into a building, as Davis finds out that Ralph is able to fly. Davis shoots at Ralph, whom charges at him, only to be fooled into being grabbed by Crock's jaws, whom decapitates him and devours his head. Next, George fights Crock, but is too powerful for the former to fight against, as Davis distracts the latter by drawing attention to him, before throwing a grenade at mutated crocodile's gills, presumably killing him in the explosion, only to find out that he survived.

George saves him before Crock would smash Davis with his tail cub, with the crocodile throwing George into an iron bar on a wall with his tail, impaling him in the chest. Davis hops into a wrecked missile helicopter and shoots missiles at the crocodile, but is able to withstand the missiles due to the armor, so Davis accidentally corners himself as the crocodile tries to devour Davis alive. George, who somehow survived, jumps into the air with the same rebar that impaled him and uses it to impale and skewer Crock in the eye, killing him after screaming so loudly that it made nearly made Davis go deaf.

In the aftermath, George seemingly dies from his injuries. Okoye mourns over George's death, as he looks around to see surviving people. Just then, however, George is revealed to have faked his death to make Okoye sorrowful for his amusement, due to the rapid healing factor from the mutation. George then gets up and assists survivors, as he is seen assisting people from a building, before the movie ends.


In the 2018 film, George always showed a gentle and charismatic behavior in front of everyone in the sanctuary, but after being infected, he has shown fierce and aggressive behavior.


  • In the 2018 film, George is depicted as an albino gorilla who is very similar to King Kong.
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