For the original movie version, please see Sam Francisco.
Just remember what Sikes means in our language.
~ George to Matt Sikes

George Francisco is a protagonist from the Alien Nation TV series, TV movies, and media based on the TV series.

George was portrayed by Eric Pierpoint.

A Tenctonese male, George was born with the name Stangya Soren'tzahh. He was one of 250,000 slaves on the starship Gruza that crashed on Earth in 1991. Stangya was given his Earth name by US immigration officials at that time. After several months he and the other Tenctonese, who became known as Newcomers, were released from quarantine and took up residence around Los Angeles, California.

Feeling his talents were in law enforcement, George joined the LAPD as a police officer. He became the first Newcomer detective on the force, and was partnered with Matthew Sikes. At first Sikes was reluctant to partner with George, however despite their cultural differences the two men became very good friends, to the point that Sykes was almost considered a part of George's family.

Although collected, analytical and level-headed for majority of episodes, George loses it when his family is endangered.

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