ONE MORE LOSS! One more loss which could've been a WIN! Do you call yourselves "professionals?!" I have never, ever seen a worse group of 25 players! You don't think as a team, you don't play as a team! You don't even LOSE as a team! You've all got your heads so far up your butts, YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY! One more loss and I'll-and I'll do this... (Throws a chair at a rack of bats) to each and every one of you! I want you here in uniform at nine tomorrow! We're going back to work on fundamentals!
~ Knox raging at his players after losing their 15th straight game

George Knox is the deuteragonist of the 1994 Disney film Angels in the Outfield.

He is the Angels Manager and is furious and extremely disappointed by their constant losings. When a kid named Roger Bowman prays for actual Angels from the sky to help the players and the team he keeps Roger at his games as good luck charm.


George Knox with Roger
Manager George Knox would like nothing better than to dump all of them, which the owner says is impossible. Roger is a boy whose mother died and is currently living in a foster home. His father feels that it would probably be in Roger's best interest if he becomes a ward of the state. But Roger would rather that he and his father get back together, and when he asks his father if that is possible; his father's reply is "when the Angels win the pennant". Roger then prays and asks if they could help the team. When Roger goes to a GAME, he sees some Angels come down from the sky and they help the players make some astounding catches and hits. When Roger tells Mr. Knox about it, Mr. Knox decides to keep him at every game, and it seems that Mr. Knox's faith is put to the test cause it seems that the angel are going to help if uses his worst players, but it seems to be working.

Roger points Angels to Knox & JD
At the end of the film, Knox officially adopts Roger and J.D.


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