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~ Mr Willson Gets Mad

Mr. George Wilson is the deuteragonist of the 1986 animated series, Dennis the Menace. Is Dennis Mitchell's grouchy elderly neighbor who always gets tormented and harassed by Dennis everyday. 


Born on January 23.

George Wilson is the elderly next-door neighborhood of a young boy named Dennis Mitchell. Dennis is usually quite careless with everything he does, which usually leads to disastrous results (mostly for Mr. Wilson). Dennis may be riding his bike down the street and not paying attention to what is in front of him. Usually, when situations like this happen, Dennis (and his bicycle) end up crashing into poor Mr. Wilson.

In Dennis' mind, he and Mr. Wilson are best friends. In Mr. Wilson's mind, Dennis is the Anti-Christ. Very often, Dennis tends to come over to Mr. Wilson's house uninvited. His visits usually begin with Dennis yelling out "OH, MR. WILSON!" Mr. Wilson tends to consider that a warning to vacate the premises.

In the 1986 animated series, he was voiced by the late Phil Hartman in Season 1 and Maurice LaMarche in Season 2 while in the 1993 live-action film, he was portrayed by the late Walter Matthau and in the two direct-to-video sequels, he was portrayed by the late Don Rickles and Robert Wagner, respectively.

In the 1993 film adaptation, when Dennis' parents are both called away on business trip, Mr. Wilson was forced to babysit Dennis, due to everyone in neighborhood refusing to look after him, possibility because of his unintentional trouble-making behaviour. While Mrs. Wilson was happy to have Dennis staying in their home, but Mr. Wilson was unhappy with the idea, mostly because all of the misfortune that Dennis brought to him throughout the years. In the film, George is a long-time member of the garden club who planted a rare garden flower forty years ago, and was honoured to had the members of the garden club to come to his garden and watch the flower bloom during the full moon. Dennis' mother was struck at the airport due to a storm, so Dennis would have to stay with George and Martha for a extra night, but George was upset to have Dennis stay even longer, believing he may cause trouble in the long-waited event for the flower to bloom, which Dennis unintentionally does by overturning the dessert table when he curiously push a black button that opens the garage door, and George banned Dennis from the party to avoid him causing more trouble when the flower bloom. Unknown to George, a thief named Switchblade Sam (the main antagonist of the film) robbed his mouse, Dennis hears something downstairs, and finds George's precious gold stolen. He rushes outside to tell him that his house has been robbed, causing George and the guest to miss the flower bloom and die. Not knowing about the robbery, George was frustrated of spending almost forty years growing the rare flower had gone to waste, angerly uproot the flower and severally scolds Dennis, telling him that he doesn't want to know or see him anymore for making him miss the long-waited flower to bloom. Feeling heartbroken, Dennis gets on his bike and rides into the wood in the middle of the night.