Gertie is a Dino-bird who appears as one of the two former secondary antagonists (alongside Roger) in the 2016 computer-animated comedy film by 20th Century Fox, Ice Age: Collision Course. She is Gavin's daughter and henchwoman, and Roger's older sister and partner in-crime.

She is voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, who has famously played Detective Rosa Diaz in the 2013 police themed comedy sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Gertie is strong and independent. She loves her father and enjoys helping her family. She can also act mean when she picks on her brother as she sees him as almost useless like her father does. She, alongside her father, wants revenge on Buck, but at the end they both reformed and moved to the Herd Valley.

Unlike her brother, Roger, Gertie is ferocious and she enjoys helping her father's evil plans. Despite being mean to her brother, Gertie agrees with her brother, that their father shouldn't kill Buck when they reform. She occasionally has an evil smirk when her dad, Gavin has evil plans.

Gertie is cowardly at some occasions when Granny was climbing on Gertie causing her to scream and Gertie is also cowardly when she freaks out about going extinct.


Gertie is a blue Dino-bird with red feathers, orange eyes, blue scales, a white underbelly and a black beak. She is much bigger than her father Gavin.

Gertie also appears to be fat.




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