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The Ghost Children are characters who appeared in the Laika film Coraline. They are the souls of small kids who were duped into coming into the Other World dimension that the Beldam created. After their trip to her realm, the Ghost Children were never the same, as she devoured their lives and locked them up. One of them even explains what happened when he and Coraline Jones bump into each other during her unlawful imprisonment at the Beldam's hands. Coraline understands their plight and decides to stand up for them, redeeming herself to be better after her meeting with them. She finds their real eyes, and they eventually pass into the afterlife, freed from the Beldam's control. Coraline, upon her return to her own reality, often dreams of what the Ghost Children are now doing in the afterlife.



Each of them were normal humans who were spied on by the Other mother by the doll's button-eyes and saw that they were miserable. Then each of them were tricked into coming and she entertained them and gave them what they wanted. But they wanted even more. The Beldam said they would have to let her sew the buttons to replace their eyes. and they accepted it. After that, she threw them in the dark room behind the mirror and sucked the life completely out of each of them. They have remained since then.

Powers and Abilities

The ghosts didn't seem to phase through solid objects as was the case with the blanket, but the Tall Ghost Girl phased into Coraline while creating an illusion of buttons for eyes.

  • Human Tangibility
  • Levitation: their feet don't physically touch the floor and they levitated in the air.
  • Possession: they phased into Coraline's hands while helping her shut the door, overpowering the Beldam.
  • Illusionism: the Tall Ghost Girl phased through Coraline and made it look like she had button-eyes.


Thet encounter Coraline in the room behind the mirror.



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