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Ghost Gang is the family of ghosts that have varied change of their behavior. Though they are ruled by Lord Betrayus, they are actually good-natured spirits and secretly help Pac-Man in hopes that they can be redeemed enough to live again.

Blinky (voiced by Ian James Corlett) - the red ghost and the oldest in the Ghost gang family. He's the leader of the group, also he's crafty and can't be trusted. He might act mean but he deeply cares about his siblings. However,he might only be helping the Pacs because he likes to stay on the winning team.

Inky (voiced by Lee Tockar) - the blue ghost and the second oldest in the Ghost Gang family. He and Blinky are just alike and even fight sometimes. He is known to multiply.

Pinky (voiced by Ashleigh Ball who also voices Rainbow Dash) - the pink ghost and the third oldest in the Ghost Gang family. She has a huge crush on Pac (like in Pac-World 2) She hates Cylindria since they got off the wrongoing foot and they both like Pac-man. Also she and Clyde are close so they stay together. Is known to become a cyclops ghost.

Clyde (voiced by Brian Drummond) - The orange ghost. He is the largest, but the youngest in the Ghost Gang family, although he is not the leader this time. He's the most caring member of the group, and although he often seems dim-witted, often comes up with pearls of great wisdom. Clyde has a soft side for soft and sweet things like Fuzbits. Blinky gets annoyed with this. Clyde and Pac-Man also share the same characteristics when it comes to eating. Clyde is the peacekeeper of the Ghost Gang, although he is not above clanging heads together when necessary as Inky and Blinky have discovered. He can also speak nine languages, including monster.

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