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Ghost BM
Edward "Duke" Kennedy Ellington, (A.K.A "Ghost of Duke Ellington") is the main protagonist of Big Mouth, he was a 20's composer and pianist who died in 1974. In-universe he died in Nick's house in suburban NYC and now his ghost resigns in the attic.

He was voiced by Jordan Peele.


Before Big Mouth

Duke was born in 1899 in Washington D.C. and was based in New York City for most of his Jazz Career. He was seen to be a pivotal figure in the history of American Jazz Music and was a bandleader and composer for his songs. Later in 1974, he died of complications from lung cancer and pneumonia in the Birch house (In-Universe). He's stuck in between Heaven and Hell and is now paying for his sins as a ghost.

During Big Mouth


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