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The Ghostly Trio are three of the major characters in the live-action Saban direct-to-video Casper films: Casper: A Spirited Beginning and Casper Meets Wendy.

They are the adoptive uncles of the Casper.

They are voiced by Jim Ward, Bill Farmer, and Jess Harnell, who also voiced Fatso in the third and fourth season of The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, replacing Brad Garrett.


Casper: A Spirited Beginning

The Ghostly Trio (Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso) have been haunting around Deedstown for quite some time, while avoiding the Ghost Central run by Kibosh: ruler of the spirit world, as it was revealed that they were once students who manage escape the academy, thinking that have all the talents they need to be scary and Kibosh has been hunting for them down ever since. The Trio took shelter inside an old mansion called Applegate, a house that was being under the defense by protesters from construction workers run by Tim Carson who wants to tear down the mansion and build a new mini mall in it's place. The Trio happens to scare both parties away, and went on to celebrate until they were interrupted by Tim's 10-year-old son, Chris who has a love for the supernatural and wanted to join them, but they immediately reject him as they couldn't bare the thought of a human joining ghosts.

When Chris returned the mansion this time with someone covered in sheets, the Trio assumes that he is one of Chris' friends; however, once he removes the sheets, it was revealed to be another but young ghost by the name Casper. Amazed to find another one of their kind, they also discovered that he has never been properly educated in the Ghost Central giving them the idea to train Casper themselves, in order to further prove to Kibosh that they have no need for his teachings. They have Casper go through several tricks; however, the only thing Casper was capable of doing was going into the "stealth mode" which is the equivalent of going invisible, but fails at every other lesson, as Casper is shown not to have motivation for scaring and wants to be friendly, which forces them to kick him out.

Things weren't going to smoothly as the next night they discovered that Casper has been doing good deeds around the town, which forces them to abduct him to save their reputation, but Casper fooled them in an attempt to escape.

Things manage to go for the worst, as after a long night of failing to search for Casper, they get an unexpected surprise visit from Kibosh along with his assistant Snivel, who abducted them by trapping them in a cage, and go off on his pursuit of Casper.

Upon Kibosh's arrival to Applegate Mansion to take Casper, the Friendly Ghost surprised Kibosh after swallowing a bomb that exploded inside his stomach to save Mansion that was set to blow, with Casper claiming that the Trio thought him how to do it, which confused them at first, but immediately decided to go with it to prove to Kibosh that have all the techniques they need, which gave Kibosh the decision to let them stay, but still wanted to take Casper, so the Trio decided to return the favor by referring themselves as Casper's uncles, after Kibosh told them the importance of family, which prompted Kibosh to allowed Casper to stay with them.

With Casper now as the adopted nephew of the Ghostly Trio, they at first believe that they have to search for a new place to live, believing that Tim was still going to tear it down, but Tim was shown to have a change of heart and decided to let them stay. Seeing as they now have a truce with the Carsons, the Trio were willing to give Chris a favor, which led to Chris having them scare off a bunch of school bullies who locked him inside with the bomb, and gave the bullies their just deserts, by giving them a mega wedging as they hang onto a tree, with fear and agony.

Casper Meets Wendy

With Kibosh now being out of their consciousness, and Casper being their newly adopted nephew, the Ghostly Trio continued doing their thing in scaring the living, while also having Casper do chores for them much to the Friendly Ghost's dislike.

After scaring a crowd of people of a baseball stadium in Deedstown, the Trio decided to take a long rest vacation, while Casper was force to carry their bags, to a resort called Sunnyside, where they take whole on a house that was originally meant for a young married couple to celebrate their honeymoon in which they scared away. Casper was shown not to take likely to their mistreating of others and thinks they should try to be more friendly, but to them a good "fleshy" (there depiction of humans) is a scared fleshy because they can't scare back; however, they are proven to have meant their matches with witches, as they are "fleshies" with powers. After not offering Casper any food, Casper decide leave in defeat as the Trio glee at his misery.

Later, after scaring a house maid, Casper returns being impressed much to their shock thinking that Casper has seemingly shows to have an interest in scaring. Casper offered the idea of possessing humans, to which they accept as they claim to be the champion of that technique; however, Casper stated that someone broke it. In order to reclaimed their title, Casper offered a brochure to a dance at Sunnyside.

That night, they possessed three humans and enter the party, only find themselves attracted by three women: Gert, Gabby and Fanny, and offered them to a dance with Stretch dancing with Gert, Stinkie with Gabby and Fatso with Fanny. Things do seem to go well, as they were beginning to have a new respect for the living; however, things were going south as the humans they possessed were beginning to fight back, which led to them revealing themselves to the women. This in turned have the women themselves to revealed as witches much to their fear.

Casper and his new friend Wendy, a young witch who is the niece of the three, try to explain that it was all a set up, but their elders wouldn't listen as the Trio were about to scare them off, but Gert was about to use her magic on them which caused them to flee.

Back at the house, the Trio make a stand to scare the witches, but Casper tries to stop their attempt which forces him to unintentionally reveal that the witches couldn't use their magic, giving them the opportunity for them to fight back, as they flushed Casper down the toilet and broke into the witch's house to scare them off; however, Wendy fought back by using her wand to make them look stone causing them to retreat.

The Trio return and blame Casper for what happen, but Casper revealed that the witches are on the run from a warlock name Desmond Spellman who is after them, and suggested that they should help them, but the idea of helping witches seem illogical; however, Casper explained that despite their jerkish behavior they have shown to have strong feelings for the witches, but they refuse to admit it.

Later when Desmond attempt to finished off the witches, the Ghostly Trio returned and scared the evil warlock by turning into a three eyed mud monster which caused him to leap inside the Mystic Abyss, a mystical portal he used to trapped Wendy inside as Casper tried to save her. Both the Trio and Witch Sisters do what they can to get Casper and Wendy out as the witches grabbed the rope and the Trio held on to the door.

The younglings made it out, but were knocked out cold. The Trio were able to get Casper back up while the witches nurtured Wendy up. Things seem to go well as the witches thank the Trio for there help, and the Trio not mind their company.

With everything all well said and done, with Wendy now being declared the greatest witch for befriending a ghost, the Trio decided to do Casper's chores for a change.


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