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Ghost child in the pillow case

The Ghosts are the ghosts of the murdered children who are killed by Hugh Crain and died in the house in the 1999 film, The Haunting. They didn't appear in the 1963 film and are not killed by Hugh Crain.


The ghosts come from the curtains and bedsheets and possess stone carvings. They are unseen forces who haunt the house they died in and are killed by the evil Hugh Crain. The ghosts are friendly and tell humans about their past. They are not shown in the original 1963 film and they are not killed by Hugh Crain. At the end of the 1999 remake film, they crossed over to the afterlife. They first met Eleanor.


After having their bodies burnt from the cotton mills by Hugh Crain, their ghosts haunt the mansion after when Crain dies. Nell and Theo discover a house haunted by spirits. The ghosts of the children go through curtains and bedsheets and possess stone carvings. But at the end, when Hugh Crain was defeated and Eleanor dies, she and the ghosts fly off to Heaven.



  • They are not from the novel or the 1963 yet. It is revealed that they are not killed by Hugh Crain.