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Gi is the second Planeteer to be summoned by Gaia, but the fourth in the regular line-up when calling Captain Planet. She is from Asia, and she has the power of Water. The Ring of Water was brought to her by a dophin friend who found it in the sea and tossed to her. Gi is bright and bubbly, often replying to comments or situations with quick remarks and light-hearted humour.


Bright, sophisticated, stylish, and trendy, Gi is the most flexible Planeteer. Among her companions, she often assumes the leadership role. Although Gi can be impetuous, she’s usually a team player.

Gi’s also an athlete– her favorite sport is surfing– and a student of marine biology. She has a strong scientific understanding of the various ocean ecosystems. At home with the sea and any of its creatures, Gi has a particular fondness for dolphins. She has even learned how to communicate with them.


Gi’s element is water. She can control any water source and make it do her bidding.

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