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Gia was a vampire and one of the main protagonists of the second season of The Originals. She was portrayed by Nishi Munshi.


Gia was a beautiful, soulful, edgy, rocker-girl who left home at an early age due to her rocky upbringing and is drawn to the New Orleans music scene. She had been shown to be extremely loyal to her fellow vampires, who she sees as family, and was willing to fight for her loved ones to ensure that they're safe, as evidenced by her insistence on rescuing Elijah from Esther and risking death to save Marcel from the werewolf who was attacking him. However, she was known for her outspoken nature, and was not afraid to call out those who she believes were in the wrong, whether they were someone she respects like Marcel, or a relative stranger, even one in a position of authority, such as Josephine LaRue. Due to her being a new vampire, she had been shown to have difficulty resisting her hunger in intense situations, like the two instances where Finn cast a hunger spell on the vampires that made them ravenous. Even still, she had been working hard to maintain control and has shown remarkable improvement over time. Gia was also passionate about music, especially jazz music, and enjoys playing the violin and the bongo drums in the New Orleans music scene.

Powers and Abilities

Gia possessed all the standard powers and abilities of an non-original vampire.

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