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Giana is the titular main protagonist of the Giana Sisters series, she as a alter-ego named Punk Giana


Cute Giana is a little girl with a short blonde hair and cyan dress, when she is Punk Giana, his hair become red, his dress become a purple sweater.


The Great Giana Sisters


Giana Sisters DS

when she was in a deep sleep after admiring her precious treasure chest, magical powers that came out of her chest shone and then the chest fell open, the bright crystals of giana fell from the chest and disappeared into a deep black hole, Giana who woke up by the bright light leaping from the bed and followed her diamonds into the darkness, then found a magical world, her diamonds were scattered all over the place, then she decided to collect all the diamonds and then decided to find out more about The secret of his magic treasure chest.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams






  • Giana it's based on Mario from the series of the same name

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