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Giant Link is the alter-ego of Link and a protagonist featured in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and its 3DS remake version. He has the voice of Link except that his voice is deep with a low-pitchered voice. He can take down Twinmold in the N64 version with his sword.

But in the 3DS remake version, he can lift up the red Twinmold with his strength with his arms and hands and can choke the red Twinmold.

He can smash the Babymolds that were created by the Red Twinmold who summons these baby monsters in an attempt to take down Link.

Link uses the Giant Mask and grows into a giant form, causing his voice to change into a deep, low-pitchered voice. In this form, he has muscular arms, muscular hands and muscular legs and feet similiar to Hulk from Marvel Comics. In the 3DS remake, he cannot use his sword or his shield to attack; instead, he uses his arms and his hands to take down Red Twinmold and his baby insectoid monsters. He is a huge titan who takes down Twinmold in the Stone Tower Temple.

He was voiced by Fujiko Takimoto who also voiced Toon Link and Link from A Link to the Past/Four Swords and in Minish Cap and Tri Force Heroes respectively.



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