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Mr. Hal Gibson, better known as just Gibson is one of the main protagonists in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

His main weapon are his Cybovac Drill Fists, which contain a variety of different charges within them, giving him the widest choices of attacks.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny, who gives him a British accent.


He is a blue and white robot monkey with black eyes.


He prefers "just 'Gibson'". When answering scientific-related questions, he answers them with long, even confusing and boring, speeches, which are always interrupted by someone or something. He has trouble deciding if Otto, the team's mechanic, is a genius or an idiot. He despises bugs and is disgusted when someone acts smarter than him. He worries about being seen as irrational. Gibson often argues with Sparx.


He was one of the six bio-mechanical monkeys created by an Alchemist in order to protect Shuggazoom and the universe from an incoming evil being.

Years after created, Gibson was found by Chiro sleeping inside the Super Robot at the outskirts of the City, after awaken, Gibson along the rest of the Monkey team joined forces with Chiro in a mission to protect Shuggazoom from the Skeleton King.


  • "Well, that's extremely disturbing."
  • "Spin Shocker? Please, it's not a dance move".
  • "I like doing it. It makes me feel rather tingly!" (From Night of Fear)
  • "Have a nice trip! See you next fall".
  • "Don't call me Mister, or Hal, just Gibson".



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