Gibson, also known as Gibby, was the deuteragonist, later minor character of Stevecash83’s Talking Kitty Cat series. Gibson made his debut in the episode, "Talking Kitty Cat #5.5 - Meet Gibson!", where Steve picked him up from another owner who made Craigslist ad for Gibson. Gibson made 27 appearances in the Talking Kitty Cat series. Gibson's last appearance was "Talking Kitty Cat #47 - What No One Saw Coming!". Gibson had a common enemy named Todd. Gibson’s favorite foods were wet food and tuna. In "Talking Kitty Cat #32 - The Missing Cheeseburger" Steve lets him outside, which causes Gibson to be missing.

He was voiced by Steve Cash, who also voiced Sylvester.

First Appearance in the Talking Kitty series

His first appearance was Talking Kitty Cat #5.5 - Meet Gibson!" he was adopted by Steve Cash.

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