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Now we finish this thing. We're the only ones who can stop Irons from launching Manticore.
~ Gideon to Mitchell and Ilona in "Terminus".
If you need a job done right, regardless of the risk, Gideon is your man. Captain Gideon turns recruits into advanced soldiers at Atlas. For him, it’s more than just outfitting grunts with the latest gear. It’s turning them into the best soldiers in the world.
~ Gideon's description on the Call of Duty website.

Captain Gideon is the deuteragonist of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, being the field commander of Jonathan Irons' corporation, Atlas and ally of the game's main protagonist, Jack Mitchell.

He is voiced and motion captured by Gideon Emery, who also voiced Balthier in the Final Fantasy series, John Connor in the Terminator: Salvation video game, Poseidon in the God of War series, Steve Fox in the Tekken series, Henry Blackburn in Battlefield 3, Zoo Lou in Skylanders, and Carlos Oliveira in Operation Raccoon City.

He is the companion of Jack Mitchell after Will Irons' death, and despite not liking Mitchell at first, the two would become close friends through their service with Atlas. After Ilona showed him and Mitchell the video on Jonathan Irons, he still remained part of Atlas Corporation, ignoring her and Mitchell. However, he went to Sentinel Task Force later on, realizing that Ilona and Mitchell were right. Gideon assisted Mitchell, Ilona, Cormack, and Kingpin upon Atlas' defeat and the death of Irons.

Just like Surly from The Nut Job, Emmet Brickowski from The Lego Movie, Ben Gates from National Treasure, and Hercules from the Disney movie with the same name, Gideon was influenced to become a hero to heroines (Ilona, Andie, Wyldstyle, Abigail Chase, Megara).


Early Life

Gideon was born in August of 2025, and eventually became a soldier for the Atlas Corporation, a private military corporation. Gideon rose to the rank of captain, becoming the field commander for Atlas' founder and CEO, Jonathan Irons. During his service for Atlas, he became good friends with operators Joker, and later the former Spetsnaz Ilona. Though willing to use advanced technology, equipment, and weaponry, Gideon believes it's the soldier who makes it useful.

Advanced Warfare

Gideon first appears in "Induction", leading a small Atlas team to protect a high valued target in Seoul, Korea. He interacts with a U.S. Marine group lead by Cormack, and tells them to go to a different direction.

When Mitchell is recruited to Atlas by Irons, Gideon initially dislikes him, and refers to the marine as "rookie". He takes Mitchell through basic training, and later leads the team through saving the Nigerian president, saving the technologist, and attempting to stop the KVA from destroying the Seattle power plant.

After the KVA causes mass destruction, Gideon and Mitchell become better friends, and are able to capture Dr. Dainos, Hades' scientist in Detroit. In addition, Gideon was also part of the team that were sent to assassinate Hades, which was succeeded by Mitchell. In "Utopia", Gideon and Mitchell learn from Ilona that Irons knew of Hades' plans to destroy the power plant from the Technologist, but he killed them. Gideon is in disbelief, and stays with Atlas to gather more info as Mitchell and Ilona escape with Sentinel.

Gideon realizes the truth of Irons' actions, and decides to defect with Sentinel, as shown in "Crash". After saving Cormack, Ilona, and Mitchell from Michaels and Juarez, he reveals he knows of bio lab that his holding Manticore. Despite the mistrust between Cormack and Gideon, they earn each other's respect after destroying the Manticore labs, and destroying the weaponized tank.

Gideon and Mitchell are sent to stop Atlas from destroying the U.S. Naval fleet, after Irons declared war against the world at the United Nations. Despite succeeding in doing so, many people are killed, and the golden gate bridge is destroyed in the process. Years pass, with Sentinel and the entire world fighting against Atlas, with Irons hiding in New Baghdad. The team attack Atlas headquarters, but is stopped when Manticore is unleashed on the soldiers, with Gideon, Ilona, Mitchell, and Cormack being the only survivors.

Taking to the Atlas prison camp, the group escape as Cormack dies from Irons' gunshot wound. Gideon inspires Mitchell and Ilona to stop Irons from launching Manticore across the world, and he and Mitchell don Goliath suits to destroy the Manticore rockets. The duo make it to Irons, but he disables their exo suits, but Mitchell is able to get out of his, and is able to kill Irons. Gideon helps up an injured Mitchell, and the two leave the headquarters and presumably continued to fight against Atlas.


Sloppy, Mitchell. You're a dead man. Reset!
~ Gideon after Mitchell failed the simulated mission.
No excuse for equipment failure. Best weapon you have is the one between your ears. Use it.
~ Gideon to Mitchell, giving him advice to trust his mind, not equipment.
Try not to fall in love with the toys. It still comes down to the soldier that uses them.
~ Gideon to Mitchell.
Welcome to Detroit. Two and a half million people live in camps just like this one. No fuckin' holiday, but they've got food, water, security. All courtesy of Atlas. Now the KVA have the balls to move in next door. F**k me...
~ Gideon to Mitchell.
Yeah... twisted fucks throughout history have used the same argument. They don't know we stopped the launch, they'll bring this entire building down on top of you.
~ Gideon to Irons.



  • He shares the same name as his voice actor, Gideon Emery.
  • Gideon Emery also voiced Mac in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Nikto in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).
  • He is the only character from the campaign to appear in EXO Zombies.
  • He is the announcer in Exo Survival and for the Atlas Corporation in multiplayer.
  • He has a set of numbers under his eye, and has a Union Jack tattoo on his lower neck.
  • Gideon appears in every mission except "Sentinel".
  • Gideon appears in Call of Duty: Heroes, being part of the Heroes unit.
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