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Gil Nexdor, is a teenager about 15 years living in Porkbelly. It is also the neighbor of Johnny, Susan and Mary Test. It is characterized as a popular boy but with little intelligence and perhaps the most popular of all. Gil has blond hair, but her eyebrows are brown (for what originally may have dyed her hair) and his eyes are blue. Wears two shirts, a white with long sleeve, and one blue with short sleeves which has a dark stripe in the middle. It also has brown shorts and a bracelet. Use sneakers. Throughout the series, he has been seen as someone distracted that only care about things that are cool, like skateboarding or have pool parties, is why he never remember Susan or Mary (they are not cool), but with Johnny get along (according to Gil, is cool). Following the joke of " dumb blonde " , Gil has shown little intelligence , according to Hugh Test in A Scholarship for Johnny, he can barely spell his name, or in Johnny's New Baby Sisters he fed chili (among other things) to babies Susan and Mary, but academic performance is unknown (but you can say that never does homework because he is always walking in skateboarding or partying, although he can make offscreen). Despite everything, he is seen doing housework, or being a good cowboy. On many occasions Gil likes are revealed, he loves smelling things, also likes rabbits, onions and hunt ghosts. Feel afraid of monsters. Their intelligence helps not realize Johnny's adventures with Susan and Mary.


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