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Gilbert Goof is a character of the Disney comics, nephew of Goofy, brilliant, very skilled in mathematics and science in general. He made his debut in the history ... Goofy and wizards that Gilbert! The May 1954 designed by Bill Wright.


Physical appearance

Gilbert is a pippide and, as such, has long ears, a "bump" on the head and two front teeth larger than the other teeth.

He always dresses elegantly and always wears a touch, graduate hat, even when he turns into Super Gilbert.


A little 'pedantic and ingenious, goes to visit his uncle only occasionally: being a student prodigy, in fact, the best universities are racing to have it in your Campus, offering scholarships increasingly conspicuous. However, despite being very intelligent (like his whole family for that matter) a bit 'weird and staring.


He visits his uncle in the May 1954 comic strip.


  • Are you aware of the true nature of the peanut growing in the garden of his uncle and often helps Super Goof, keeper of the secret? He also has a secret alter-ego, Super Gilbert.
  • In his debut tells of having to go to kindergarten, but in the stories of today goes to university. This makes think that actually is already an adult: case enhanced by the fact that the mother in his debut sends him to another city (Mickey Mouse) alone.
  • He has never been seen interacting with Max.
  • Also, he has never appeared in any other media besides the comics.