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Fear the Fish!
~ -Gill Grunt's official catchphrase

Gill Grunt is a Gillman Skylander in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

He is voiced by Darin de Paul.


Gill Grunt grew up in a typical Gillmen city on the ocean bottom. From his glass bedroom bubble window, he would gaze out at circling cyber squid and menacing mega sharks. He couldn't have been more bored. So he joined the toughest military corps ever to soldier in salt water: the Gillmen marines. His first tour of duty sent him to a far-flung floating cloud land in the sky. Here, by the waters of a misty lagoon, Gill was disarmed by the unlikeliest of opponents - an enchanting mermaid. With his jaw on the ground and eyes buldging even more than usual, Gill was smitten. He vowed to return as soon he had stonkered enough spit spiders.

Return he did, but alas, it was a gut-wrenching sight. All trace of the mermaid had gone. Choking back a salty stream, Gill scoured the local lagoons for his first love. To make matters worse, he learned that the be-scaled beauty had been taken prisoner by pirates. All was not lost, however, for Gill was soon signed up by Master Eon. Now, he gets to combine his mermaid search with protecting Skylands from the pirate peril.

During his time as a Skylander, Gill Grunt had heard of the heroic exploits of Punk Shock, the princess of the royal family in Wondrous Waters, after she repelled an Snow Troll attack. He then quickly recruited her into the Skylanders. The Gillman would soon catch sight of the water dragon, Echo, for heroically saving her water kingdom home from the evil Aqua Jocks, and Gill Grunt enlisted her as a Skylander on the spot.


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