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Fear the Fish!
~ -Gill Grunt's official catchphrase

Gill Grunt is a Gillman Skylander first appearing in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

He is voiced by Darin de Paul.


Gill Grunt grew up in a typical Gillmen city on the ocean bottom. From his glass bedroom bubble window, he would gaze out at circling cyber squid and menacing mega sharks. He couldn't have been more bored. So he joined the toughest military corps ever to soldier in salt water: the Gillmen marines. His first tour of duty sent him to a far-flung floating cloud land in the sky. Here, by the waters of a misty lagoon, Gill was disarmed by the unlikeliest of opponents - an enchanting mermaid. With his jaw on the ground and eyes buldging even more than usual, Gill was smitten. He vowed to return as soon he had stonkered enough spit spiders.

Return he did, but alas, it was a gut-wrenching sight. All trace of the mermaid had gone. Choking back a salty stream, Gill scoured the local lagoons for his first love. To make matters worse, he learned that the be-scaled beauty had been taken prisoner by pirates. All was not lost, however, for Gill was soon signed up by Master Eon. Now, he gets to combine his mermaid search with protecting Skylands from the pirate peril.

During his time as a Skylander, Gill Grunt had heard of the heroic exploits of Punk Shock, the princess of the royal family in Wondrous Waters, after she repelled an Snow Troll attack. He then quickly recruited her into the Skylanders. The Gillman would soon catch sight of the water dragon, Echo, for heroically saving her water kingdom home from the evil Aqua Jocks, and Gill Grunt enlisted her as a Skylander on the spot.


Gill Grunt's signature harpoon gun can be used to shoot harpoons at enemies as well as streams and blasts of water. These harpoons can be upgraded, to golden harpoons, lighter harpoons, and even anchors. His water propulsion jetpack allows him to hover in the air, and even fly. As a water type Skylander, Gill Grunt is naturally capable of swimming. As one of the most prominent Skylanders in the series, he has gained more abilities than most Skylanders.

  • Harpoon Gun: Gill Grunt can shoot high-velocity harpoons at his enemies.
    • Harpoon Repeater: Gill Grunt shoots lighter harpoons that reload faster.
    • Barbed Harpoons: Gill Grunt shoots larger harpoons that deal more damage.
    • Quadrant Harpoons: Gill Grunt shoots golden harpoons that are upgraded in all aspects from his Barbed Harpoons. These are the harpoons Gill Grunt uses in Giants, and if upgraded further, they are deadly enough to pierce right through enemies and potentially hit multiple targets in a row.
    • Tripleshot Harpoon: Gill Grunt shoots three harpoons at once.
    • Anchor Cannon: Gill Grunt shoots an anchor from his gun, dealing massive damage, requiring a couple seconds to charge.
  • Power Hose: Gill Grunt sprays a stream of water from his gun that knocks enemies back and deals light damage. Has limited water supply.
    • High Pressure Power Hose: Gill Grunt turns up the water pressure, dealing more damage and knocking enemies back farther.
    • Boiling Water Hose: Gill Grunt releases a high pressure stream of boiling water, dealing heavy damage. If Gill Grunt has the Reverse Water Tank upgrade, his water supply for both this and his Water Jetpack become unlimited.
      • Neptune Gun: An attack that can only be used in conjunction with the Power Hose. While firing high pressured boiling water, Gill Grunt can shoot an exploding starfish at his enemies as a bomb.
  • Water Jetpack: A water propelled jetpack Gill Grunt uses to hover. The jetpack does not have unlimited water, unless you purchase the Reverse Water Tank upgrade.
    • Wave Jumper: In Skylanders: SuperChargers, entering an exiting jetpack mode causes a water explosion on the ground.
  • Tidal Wave: Gill Grunt can shoot a tidal wave at his opponents while in jetpack mode. Introduced in Skylanders: Trap Team.
    • Tubular Tidal Wave: Gill Grunt unleashes three tidal waves to damage his opponents. This, and upgraded versions are available to Gill Grunt's SuperCharger attire.
    • Drive the Wave: Gill Grunt unleashes a larger tidal wave for him to ride on, and drown and defeat his enemies.
  • Trident: A weapon Gill Grunt uses as a SuperCharger in Skylanders: SuperChargers. He is able to attack enemies with it as a primary attack, but can perform other attacks with it as well. He can also upgrade the trident to become more powerful, or use it in conjunction with his jetpack to defeat his enemies with technique.
  • Wild Whirlpool: Using his supply of water, Gill Grunt is able to create a whirldpool surrounding him that damages nearby enemies.
  • Power of the Seas: Can shoot a lightning blast at his opponent.
    • Storm of the Seas: Gill Grunt is capable of summoning a lightning storm as an ultimate attack in Skylanders: SuperChargers.
  • Reef Ripper: After becoming a SuperCharger, Gill Grunt built a new vehicle to fight enemies in the sea and search for his lost love-- the Reef Ripper. It shoots high velocity harpoons as well, but if piloted by Gill Grunt, the vehicle performance increases and it becomes SuperCharged.



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