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Eat this, if you're so hungry. Eat this, just leave the baby
~ Gilliam cuts off his own arm in order to save a baby's life.

Gilliam is a major character in Snowpiercer. He is Curtis Everet's mentor, secretly working as Wilford's unwitting and desperate pawn among the tail section.

He is played by the late John Hurt, who also played Snitter in Plague Dogs, Hazel from the 1978 film Watership Down and Winston Smith from the 1984 adaptation of George Orwell's Ninteen Eighty-Four.


Gilliam was the elder of the tail section of the Snowpiercer for the past 17 years, ever since the train has become a matter of fact for the last remainings of mankind. He became known and widely-liked by the tail dwellers when he stepped up and cut his own arm in order to give them an alternative to cannibalism when the hunger became dire. Thanks to his sacrifice, the baby who was about to be eaten was saved, and the tail dwellers lived long enough to be fed by protein bars as a quick solution to the malnourishment problems.

As time went by, he became a mentor figure to a young rebel named Curtis Everett, grooming him to lead the upcoming revolt against Wilford. He taught Curtis everything he could, including recommending him to be cautious about letters he found in protein bars.