Hero Overview

Gina Gillotti-Mitchell is an Italian-American girl. She is one of Dennis' best friends and his future wife. She'd play in mud with Dennis since they'd met as little toddlers, as well as Tommy Anderson, Joey MacDonald, Tyler, and Freddy occasionally.

Physical Appearance

In the 80s cartoon, Gina has long black hair, an olive complexion, and always wears gold earrings and a blue headband. She usually wears a pink dress with a loose blue belt, blue tights, & black boots. Also she wears a plain pink bikini once, also a red swimsuit once as well, in the 1986 series.

In the 90s cartoon, Gina has long dark brown hair, a fair complexion, and always wears a red headband and white earrings. She usually wears a green T-shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers.


She is tomboyish, yet also a warm and feminine friend.

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