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Ginger Foutley is the main character in Nickelodeon's animated series As Told By Ginger. Ginger is voiced and sung by Melissa Disney.


Full Name: Ginger Foutley

Alias: Ging, Sis and Foutley

Gender: Female

Age: 12-14 and somewhere in her mid-30's

Skills: Writing creativty and song writing

Personilty: Kind, friendly, caring, mature, smart, responsible, independent, beautiful, opinionated, headstorng, and wonderful

Family: Louse Foutley (Mother), Jonas Foutley (Father), Carl Foutley(Brother), Grandma Foutley (Grandmother, Deceased), Dr. David Dave (Step-Father), Darren Patterson (Future Husband), Un-Named Patterson (Future Daughter), Mr.Patterson (Future Father-In-Law), Mrs.Patterson (Future Mother-In-Law), and William "Will" Patterson (Future Brother-In-Law)

Friends: Dodie Bishop, Macie Lightfoot, Darren Patterson, and Nice Ms. Zorski.

Love Interests: Darren Patterson (True Love) and Orion (Ex-Boyfreind).

Enemies: Courtney Gripling (Sometimes), Miranada, Mipsy, Simone and Evil Ms. Zorski.

Goal: To have a good future and still be with her best friends

Fate: Is a succesful writer, happily married to Darren with an infant daughter and still being with her friends.




  • Ginger discovered she is one-quater Jewish.
  • Ginger's voice actress is a distant relative of Walt Disney.
  • Ginger might've inspired Gwen from Total Drama series as both characters share similarities:
    • Both have a single mother.
    • Both have a little brother.
    • Both owning a diary.
    • Both are the lead female of the her show.
    • Both have been bullied by the mean girls.
    • Both had tried hard to be friends and at the same time bullied by a girl whom shares the same name: Courtney.
    • Both had attracted many guys.
    • Both had many and unsuccessful crushes.
    • Both wanted to be popular but later on she is not interested anymore.
    • Both had a boyfriend (Darren and Duncan) whom is her best friend in the beginning and both broke up with him due to his interest in another girl.
    • Both denied being deeply in love with her boyfriend but after the break up she shows she does.
    • Both can sing.
    • Both have two best friends (Dodie & Macie and Zoey & Cameron) that share similar personality and traits:
      • Both have a friend with pig tails.
      • Both have a friend whom wears glasses and talks about hygiene.
      • Both have a friend (Dodie and Zoey) whom is still friends with her ex-boyfriend (Darren and Duncan)


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