Ginger Foutley is the main character in Nickelodeon's animated series As Told By Ginger. Ginger is voiced and sung by Melissa Disney.


Full Name: Ginger Foutley

Alias: Ging, Sis and Foutley

Gender: Female

Age: 12-14 and somewhere in her mid-30's

Skills: Writing creativty and song writing

Personilty: Kind, friendly, caring, mature, smart, responsible, independent, beautiful, opinionated, headstorng, and wonderful

Family: Louse Foutley (Mother), Jonas Foutley (Father), Carl Foutley(Brother), Dr.David Dave (Step-Father), Darren Patterson (Future Husband), Un-Named Patterson (Future Daughter), Mr.Patterson (Future Father-In-Law), Mrs.Patterson (Future Mother-In-Law), and William "Will" Patterson (Future Brtoher-In-Law)

Friends: Dodie Bishop, Macie Lightfoot, Darren Patterson, and Nice Ms. Zorski.

Love Interests: Darren Patterson (True Love) and Orion (Ex-Boyfreind)

Enemies: Courtney Gripling (Sometimes), Miranada, Mipsy, Simone and Evil Ms. Zorski

Goal: To have a good future and still be with her best friends

Fate: Is a succesful writer and is happily married to Darren with an infant daughter




  • Ginger discovered she is one-quater Jewish.
  • In the promo Ginger was supposed to look like her mother.
  • In the promo Ginger's room color is supposed to be the same color as Dodie.
  • Ginger along with Dodie, Louis, Carl and Hoodsey are the only six characters, whom appeared in all sixty episodes of the series.
  • In the highschool episodes.Ginger is seen wearing some of her outfits from her time at Lucky Junior High.
  • Ginger along with Dodie and Macie are fans of Pony Girl, which maybe a parody of My Little Pony.
  • Ginger sang two songs that involved with her break up with Darren.
  • Ginger is so far the only one in her group of friends to developed breasts.
    • However Dodie and Macie are seen with them in the final episode The Wedding Frame
  • Good karma had finally came to Ginger and her family. As they are now rich and now living in the same gated community where Courtney and her family used to live.
  • Ginger, along with Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Timmy (The Fairly Odd Parents!)  Manny (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera), Arnold ( Hey Arnold ) and Spongebob (SpongeBob SquarePants) are the only Nickelodeon characters whom are married with children of their own.
  • Ginger might've inspired Gwen from Total Drama series as both characters share similarities:
    • Both have a single mother.
    • Both have a little brother.
    • Both owning a diary.
    • Both are the lead female of the her show.
    • Both have been bullied by the mean girls.
    • Both had tried hard to be friends and at the same time bullied by a girl whom shares the same name: Courtney.
    • Both had attracted many guys.
    • Both had many and unsuccessful crushes.
    • Both wanted to be popular but later on she is not interested anymore.
    • Both had a boyfriend (Darren and Duncan) whom is her best friend in the beginning and both broke up with him due to his interest in another girl.
    • Both denied being deeply in love with her boyfriend but after the break up she shows she does.
    • Both can sing.
    • Both have two best friends (Dodie & Macie and Zoey & Cameron) that share similar personality and traits:
      • Both have a friend with pig tails.
      • Both have a friend whom wears glasses and talks about hygiene.
      • Both have a friend whom is still friends with her ex-boyfriend (Darren and Duncan)
  • Many fans believed Ginger's break up with Darren is one of the saddeset break ups, along with Usagi's break up from Sailor Moon; Sharon's break up from Braceface and Mordecai's break up from Regular Show.
  • Ginger also shares a similar family life with: Sharon Spitz from Brace Face, Pepper Ann from Disney's Pepper Ann.


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