The Gingerbread Boy is the deuteragonist of the Little Audrey short "Tarts and Flowers." He is a dream version of a gingerbread cake that Little Audrey bakes as directed by a radio announcer. In the dream, he pops out of the oven and runs because he "has a date with a cake, and [he's] late," and dares Audrey to run as fast as she can if she wants to go with him. She looks for him, unaware that after he had dumped a tin of flour on the floor, she had ended up in clouds. She finds him with his date, or rather, his bride-to-be, Miss Angel Cake.

When the Gingerbread Boy and Miss Angel Cake are about to get married, the Devil's Food Cake comes in and knocks away the Gingerbread Boy so he can kidnap the bride through a secret passageway. While Audrey enlists Cop Cakes, the Gingerbread Boy enlists Animal Crackers to the rescue and rides on one of them, and they chase the kidnapper and his victim to an Old Milk Stream. Audrey beats the milk into stiff peaks, making it easier for the Gingerbread Boy to run onto the stream and reach the kidnapper. He fights with him, and knocks him to shore, and then the Cop Cakes beat the Devil's Food Cake up and take him to jail via Pie Wagon.

As Gingerbread Boy and Miss Angel Cake are finally getting married, the scene becomes reality when the timer goes off, and instead of finding the gingerbread cake by himself at the same size as the mold from earlier... she finds a Gingerbread Boy, a smaller one like himself (for a son), Miss Angel Cake (with a cherry on her whipped cream hair), and a smaller one like herself (without a cherry, for a daughter), much to her own amusement.

The Gingerbread Boy is voiced by the late Jackson Beck.

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