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Ginshi was a major character in Tokyo Ghoul:re. He was a Ghoul investigator under the command of Haise Sasaki.

He is voiced by Yuuma Uchida in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Daman Mills in the English version of the anime.


Shirazu was a slender young man with light orange hair. He usually wore a menacing grin on his face and had sharp, jagged teeth. He also had six-helix piercings on his right ear, one piercing on his left ear, and wore a ring on the middle finger of his right hand. Unlike the other members of the Quinx Squad, he wore a dark jumpsuit instead of the standard CCG uniform and used a motorcycle to commute during missions. His hair was unusually long for a CCG officer and almost reached his shoulders with two strands of hair parted and tied up at the top of his head. Eventually, he completely buzzed his hair off in an act of repentance.


Shirazu has great respect for his mentor Kaneki (going by Haise Sasaki) but this doesn't stop him from going out of his way to execute missions. He most notably seen alongside Kuki Urie on numerous dangerous missions. Shirazu is very ruthless and is a competent fighter which is shown by his willingness to fight ghouls till the end. He also has a short temper as he gets fired up very easily and speaks loud when tension begins.

Shirazu has many exaggerated in his expressions and movements, this was seen as his reasoning for joining the Quinx Squad was to make fast money so he can save his little sister. Despite this desperation, Shirazu was very carefree and gave a cocky grin when he fought against weaker ghouls.

He has a poor tendency to follow tasks that has any kind of thought process such as investigation. However, he still had a strong consideration for his friends as he had potential in Haise being his squad leader. Despite having a violent mannerism, he still cared very deeply for his team and would sacrifice himself to save them. Although he has the problem of bickering with Urie, he showed a gentler side when interacting with Tooru Mutsuki or civillains such as Chie Hori.

Despite his brutal appearance and attitude, he has a sensitive side and possibly the most sensitive of the Quinx. After seeing the Nutcracker in his dying moments, he saw a new side in the ghoul as she sounded more human and that she reminded him of his little sister. He remembered the incident as an uncomfortable memory, recalling it as killing a person rather than a monster.

Power and abilities

  • Uakaku Kagune: His kagune is a Ukaku as it took the form of a launcher-like protrusion, and fired multiple claw-like missiles with very limited accuracy.
  • Superhuman Regeneration: He can survive being impalced right through the stomach and regenerate himself fast enough to stay alive.
  • Superhuman Senses: His senses became boosted to inhuman after he became a Quinx.


  • His name Ginshi means "singing man" while Shirazu means "ignorant" or "don't know".

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