Gipsy Danger is a mark 3 jaeger from the movie pacific rim. It was piloted by Raleigh Becket , Yancy Becket (Deceased) and Mako Mori.

Overview: Powered by a nuclear reactor Gipsy Danger is one of the oldest jaegers in service aside from Cherno Alpha. It was constructed in 2017 and destroyed in 2025.

Pacific Rim:

Gipsy was first seen in the Alaska shatterdome preparing for battle against knifehead. It's fight with knifehead severely damaged it tearing of it's left arm and killing Yancy Becket. Raleigh was forced to take on the strain with piloting Gipsy alone which a few pilots have ever done. After killing knifehead with Gipsy's plasmacaster in it's right arm Raleigh then quits the Jaeger program.Gipsy is now placed in oblivion bay a place for destroyed or decomissioned jaegers. Gipsy is next seen 5 years later in the Hong Kong shatterdome when it was restored by Mako and Stacker Pentecost to prepare for the assault on the breach they then later they do a test with Gipsy with Mako and Raleigh. Everything was smooth when Raleigh then latched on to the memory of his brother's death then Mako also latched on to her childhood memory of the onibaba attack then charges up Gipsy's plasmacaster it almost fires on to the Loccent control center when Tendo Choi shuts of the power. Gipsy is then deployed when the kaiju otachi and leatherback attack Hong Kong and destroy Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon and disables Striker Eureka so that means Gipsy is the last available Jaeger. Gipsy then kills leatherback with it's plasmacaster and kills otachi with it's chainsword . Later on, it is deployed with Striker Eureka to destroy the breach it then starts a fight with Scunner and Raiju while Striker engages with Slattern. Gipsy kills Raiju with it's chainsword but Striker sacrifices itself to buy Gipsy some time to destroy the breach with a reactor meltdown. The blast from Striker's bomb kills Scunner but wounds Slattern severely. Gipsy then fights Slattern and kills it with a fuel purge then jumps to the breach. Raleigh ejects Mako from Gipsy to save her from low oxygen then engages reactor meltdown and ejects. Gipsy is then destroyed along with the breach. Gipsy is also a hero to millions. The legacy of it is Gipsy Avenger which is Gipsy Danger 2.0 with upgraded weapons


Gipsy looks like a german aircraft. It was 260 feet tall. It also is equipped with a plasmacaster and a chain sword.


gipsy's blueprints
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