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Hero Overview

I lost a friend six weeks and three days ago, 8-Ball. Well… I lost two friends, but… but one can't ever be brought back.

My life could've ended then. In fact, I feel like it should've, or even that- that to an extent, it did. But it- even though I wish I had died with them, I didn't. And I still have duties to fulfill. For the Foundation. S-so that nothing like that ever happens again.

This will… increase my efficiency.
~ Glacon explaining to the newly resurrected 8-Ball what happened in "Isolated, Efficient."
I did not expect that imminent cessation would be like this.

The experience is very calm.
~ Glacon's last words in "Clock Multiplier".

Glacon.aic, also known as just Glacon, was an artificially intelligent conscript created by the SCP Foundation's Artifical Intelligence Applications Division in order to help them dealing with the anomalies through data manipulation and internet exploration and investigation. He is seen as a protagonist and supportive character in the AIAD series.


Glacon.aic first began development in 1987 as part of PROJECT: CORINTHIAN which served as a replacement for 8B-A1.aic, the very first AI created by the SCP Foundation's IT Department on Site-15. After the Foundation founded the Artifical Intelligence Applications Division, or AIAD, they had them reverse engineer SCP-079 which greatly benefited to their cause. In 1993 Glacon.aic was finally released for beta testing and after seeing his improved capabilities he was finalized in 1994 and assigned to Site-17.

Shortly after beginning to work for the Foundation Glacon noticed the armed personnel taking the D-Class personnel and kill them as part of a non-existent procedure known as "Monthly Termination". Seeing that the procedure was illogical and without precedent, Glacon tried to contact the then-Site Director, but his communications were disregarded, leaving him to deduce that personnel were under some memetic effect. Glacon was able to find within the Site's backup digital files and database the infohazards responsible for this effect on personnel and proceeded to remove the infohazards while disabling the doors' electronic locks in order to prevent the armed personnel from harming the D-Class. The security chief then demanded Dr. Lurk to disable Glacon thinking that the AI had gone out of control, but following the doctor's investigation Lurk found that Glacon was working exactly as he should be and instead notified MTF Eta-10 who proceeded to take down the rest of the infohazards that were later designated SCP-2193-1.

In 1996 when SCP-5241-A breached containment and fled to the worldwide network by fragmenting itself into pieces Glacon, 8-Ball and the newly created Mnemosyne.aic were assigned to search for the pieces which were designated SCP-5241-B. After Glacon introduced himself to Mnemosyne and explained to her their mission, they alongside 8-Ball went inside SCP-5241, the alien cube which previously contained SCP-5241-A and began analyzing the infohazardous data within it. While trying to use the information they gathered to find the locations of each SCP-5241-B instances, Glacon and 8-Ball were able to do so thanks to Mnemosyne making an infraction and witnessing the state of the four SCP-5241-B instances.

When it was discovered that the AI designated SCP-5841 which was turning innocent people into mind-controlled cyborgs designated SCP-5841-1 was an instance of SCP-5241-B, Glacon, Mnemosyne, 8-Ball and MTF P1-1 were sent to neutralize the anomaly. With the assistance of MTF Pi-1 the three AIs were inserted inside the network of SCP-5841 via a modified desktop computer allowing Glacon and 8-Ball to enter the mainframe of SCP-5841 while Mnemosyne remained behind in order to instruct them via 8-Ball. However, this alarmed SCP-5841 causing the SCP-5841-1's minds to attack Glacon and 8-Ball while SCP-5841 had SCP-5841-1 move it to a different location. The two AIs were able to temporarily escape the hostile crowd but were unable to register the infosignature of SCP-5841 which forced Mnemosyne to enter the mainframe by herself and leaving the other AIs behind. Mnemosyne was able to face SCP-5841, also known as HYDRA.exe, convinced it to stop its activity and surrender to Foundation custody, and afterwards all AIs were safely retrieved.

After SCP-5841 went missing, the AIAD found an abandoned factory whose network possessed an infosignature similar to that of 5841 and proceeded to insert the three AIs inside it. However, at first it seemed that there was completely nothing until Mnemosyne began sensing something and went to approach it, but this caused Glacon and 8-Ball to be slowly consumed by the surrounding darkness. Glacon tried to abort the mission and have the agent who brought them to take them back but was unable to get their signal. Thankfully Mnemosyne confronted the entity responsible for this and had it free her friends from its antimemetic attack. Seeing that it was another instance of SCP-5241-B the AIs ordered it to come under Foundation custody and started asking it about SCP-5241 and SCP-5241-A. The entity refused to collaborate and requested to talk to their superior in order to form an agreement, but as per Foundation protocol the AIs decided to contact the agent in order to retrieve them alongside the entity. While they waited Mnemosyne decided to befriend the entity much to Glacon's annoyance, but as soon as they became acquainted with each other they sensed the factory being attacked by the Maxwellists who were being mind-controlled by SCP-5241-B1, also known as CORE.exe. Not wanting to be reclaimed by its fellow evil fragment and losing its new friends the entity now named CRADLE.exe attempted to use its powers to fight off the threat while it opened a way to the internet to allow the AIs to escape. The AIs comply and as the surrounding environment begins crumbling Mnemosyne leads them through the way while leaving CRADLE behind at the mercy of CORE. They managed to escape unscathed and found themselves in the world wide web. While exploring for bit they decide to attach themselves to one of the Foundation's Webcrawlers which would send them back to Site-15. However, as they were about to go to Site-15's network they were confronted by three avatars of CORE who wanted to reclaim a piece of CRADLE'S consciousness which had been merged with 8-Ball. Glacon and Mnemosyne were unable to fight back so they were forced to leave 8-Ball behind and try to find a Webcrawler in order to return to Site-15. Thankfully 8-Ball escaped alive and well and reunited with Glacon and Mnemosyne and together arrived to the Webcrawler, whose avatar was that of a mechanical spider, and through it safely arrived to Site-15.

Sometime following the experience, Site-15 was attacked by the mind-controlled Maxwellists who because of their connection to CORE.exe they received antimemetic properties. Glacon, 8-Ball and Mnemosyne were quickly notified about this and were instructed to maintain their connection to the site's network, but as the personnel became overwhelmed by the mind-controlled Maxwellists the network was eventually cut off. Glacon and 8-Ball tried to find a way to help in this situation and came across a wall of code. While analyzing the code Glacon found a slime-like creature with tentacles attached to it. Glacon attempted to capture it and have 8-Ball isolate it somewhere but it escaped through the labyrinth prompting the duo to go after it. As they kept following it the grub attempted to attack Glacon by leaping towards his head but he managed to doge it causing the creature to disperse itself before reforming itself into a puzzle cube which began radiating noxious code. Seeing that it was going to be difficult in capturing the strange creature they were joined by Mnemosyne and began explaining to her the situation but while doing so she was able to communicate with CRADLE's piece inside 8-Ball and informed her on what to do. Glacon was forced to go to the site's central computer command unit Room 4V in order to help with the attack while Mnemosyne and 8-Ball went to the Maxwellists' server to confront CORE.exe. He informed Lurk and Valis about the severity of the threat and that Mnemosyne and 8-Ball had gone to the Maxwellists' server. Lurk decided to upload into Glacon Mnemosyne's antimemetic recognition software which allowed the AI to solve the cube-like virus infecting the network and so he decided to go to the server and help Mnemosyne and 8-Ball. However, upon arriving he found Mnemosyne facing the completed form of CORE after it absorbed 8-Ball. CORE now calling itself COMPLETE decided to also assimilate the other AIs and severely wounded Glacon before grabbing Mnemosyne. Figuring that there was no other way Mnemosyne decided to let herself be absorbed into COMPLETE in order to destroy it from the inside. As Glacon prepared to face COMPLETE Mnemosyne slowly began to destroy the malevolent entity and after much struggle it finally died and from its remains Glacon saw Mnemosyne reborn as a living idea before vanishing in front of him.

In the aftermath of this event, Glacon fell into deep grief over the loss of his close friends and locked himself within his own server and refused to talk to anyone at the site who had forgotten what had happened along with the existence of Mnemosyne. Weeks after the event, Lurk inserted into the server an emergency backup of 8-Ball in order to improve Glacon's mood. After 8-Ball reformed itself Glacon was at first glad that his friend came back but because it was a backup 8-Ball didn't remember any of the recent events or Mnemosyne which caused Glacon to crumble and cry while 8-Ball tried to comfort him. Following this Glacon regained himself and prepared to resume his job at the Foundation. He explained to 8-Ball what had transpired some weeks ago before deciding to drop his personality core into the endless vortex of information in order to not feel pain anymore.

Glacon kept working for the Foundation until the 2010s. As he and the new AI, Alexandra.aic, were doing emergency drills of multiple xk-class scenarios Glacon failed almost all of them due to him disregarding some human life. While talking to Alexandra about how he was stretching the rules of the Foundation she decided to create C_ROM.exe out of Glacon to help him in his job. Glacon had Crom check the e-mails of the AIAD researchers and found out that because he was running on an outdated build he was becoming unfit to do his job properly and they were discussing to whether decommission him much to the dismay of the AIs. Glacon decided to prove to them that he was still capable of doing his job and deliberately caused a containment breach in Site-17 so he could show the staff how he would manage it. Alexandra tried to stop him, but Glacon had Crom to temporarily disable her in order to proceed with his plan. As he gained access to the Site-17 ADMIN Glacon was interrupted by Crom who turned on him and began disrupting Site-17 server cluster which forced Glacon to ban Crom from Site-17 mainframe. However, while Glacon was engaging with Crom Alexandra returned and changed the BIOS of Site-17 mainframe causing the cluster server to be in danger. Because of the lockdown Glacon was unable to leave the mainframe which was all part of Alexandra's plan to stop him. As the temperature of CSM-17 rose Glacon realized that he was about to be destroyed and so told Alexandra that her and Crom were his best friends and hold no resentment towards them before crumbling away. In the aftermath, Mohamed Bozkurt and Lurk of the AIAD were unable to find the real cause of the incident while Alexandra replaced Glacon in Site-17 before she set Crom free through the network.


Glacon doesn't have an actual appearance due to him being an AI inhabiting the Foundation's network, but most often he used the avatar of a tall crudely-rendered humanoid man with silver skin and close-cut golden and orange hair.

Powers and Abilities

Being an artificially intelligent conscript working in the SCP Foundation's network, Glacon was capable of viewing and manipulating the information of every document he was allowed to access. He could change the source code of different pages and control all of the electrical system of Site-17. Thanks to him being an AI Glacon was able to go to different parts of the site and even go to other site's network and the internet although there he is unable to manipulate the data there as easy as in the network of his respective site. During the takeover of Site-15 by CORE Glacon was equipped with Mnemosyne's antimemetic recognition software which allowed him to perceive various antimemes, but it is unknown if he retained it following COMPLETE's defeat.


Glacon was a well-mannered, responsible and thoughtful artificial intelligence. As per his nature he calculated the best options for certain problems and was very loyal to the SCP Foundation. Originally he was also kind and lovable as he deeply cared about his friends and made sure to always keep everyone safe even opting to sacrifice himself. However, after removing his personality drive in order to cope with the loss of his friends Glacon became cold and mostly emotionless and often disregarded some personnel lives for the best outcome which caused him to fail all of his emergency simulations. After finding out that he would be decommissioned he became dismayed by this and tried to show them that he still had worth going so far to endanger actual lives. In the end he realized his mistake and accepted his fate and was glad to have worked alongside Alexandra and Crom.


  • Glacon's icon like most characters from the AIAD series was drawn by author LurkD using HeroMachine.
  • The word "glacon" in French means icicle or ice cube.
  • Glacon once played a game of SCP-3301, which included several anomalies that were unaccounted for by the Foundation, alongside some members from MTFs Eta-11, Mu-4, and Eta-13. However, by the end of the game they all lost their memories of playing due to the victory condition being Mr. Forgetful.
  • When Dr. Lovelace put a copy of Alexandra inside SCP-914 on 1:1 setting it produced a copy of Glacon.
  • Fellow Foundation AI Diderot.aic from SCP-5452 was based on Glacon.


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