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Gleeson Hedge is a middle aged Satyr that was originally the coach of a Wilderness school, but now is the protector of Piper McLean, Jason Grace, and Leo Valdez.

He falls in love with a cloud nymph named Mellie, whom he later marries and has a son with her named Chuck.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Heroes of Olympus

In the Lost Hero, Gleeson Hedge, or Mr. Hedge, is the sports coach of Jason Grace, Piper McLean and Leo Valdez. When the trio are attacked by their former classmate, he holds off Dewey and his venti, saving the demigods.

Later on in the book, when he is thought to be dead, the trio find him in Boreas's mansion, frozen in a cage. He eventually breaks out, and accompanies the demigods on their quest.

He is Piper's dad, Tristan McLean's life coach.


He is known to like hitting people on the head with a club, but he is also brave, (when he saved the demigods from the storm spirits) and loyal, like most satyrs.


He is seen wearing a baseball cap, beady eyes, a wispy goatee, a sour face, and has a buff arm and chest.


making over complicated but useless monster traps out of camping supplies


He is Mellie's wife and Chuck's father.


  • As revealed in The House of Hades, Gleeson was the satyr who brought Clarisse La Rue (daughter of Ares) to Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse later becomes godmother to Gleeson's son Chuck.
  • His mother was a cloud nymph