~ Glenda Glitterpoop's catchphrase
Are you tired of your same ugly face?
~ Glenda Glitterpoop to an girl
Cuz it's pathetic and disgusting!
~ Glenda Glitterpoop determinating the taste of an girl

Glenda Glitterpoop or simply Glenda is one of the main characters who appears in the YouTube's channel Feisty Films and the main protagonist from Jazwares' YouTube channel series Feisty Pets Mission Impossible. She is an unicorn with ferocious teeth and she is better known for defusing an bomb with her vinyl replicas. She appears in the parodies of the famous movies when she plays an major role in Feisty Films.

She is voiced by Alexis Kunzelman.

Appearence and film

She has blue eyes with pink eyebags, she has an horn on her head, she is white with white and purple ears including her paws.

Glenda is an ferocious unicorn with an cutest side and likes to be petted. Like Paranoid Prisma, she can show her teeth to scare bad people if they approach her, she frowns and shows her ferocious teeth to terrify the baddest people, when an bomb was installed, Glenda roars and sends her vinyl replicas to defuse this bomb. Glenda likes to get petted by the cutest user to show an affection, despite her demonic look, she is also nice towards her feisty friends. She hates the alarm clock which makes her wake up in mild fury.

Despite this, Glenda is an cute unicorn who has an smart brain, has an great sense of humor, she loves to make friends with affection. She likes to help the owners to overcome their nightmare by fighting bad people who terrorize everyone's dreams.

She can summon her vinyl replicas to deactivate an bomb in time to save the city.

She also appears in one of the commercials when she was seen defusing an bomb with her vinyl replicas.


She is similar to the Angry German Kid from PC Spielen, both of them are dimwit and smash their app or keyboard, both of them have an great sense of humor.

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Glenda defuses an bomb with her vinyl replicas.

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