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Gliss is a heroine in Disney Fairies franchise. She is a winter fairy who creates frost and lives in Winder Wood, and her best friends are Periwinkle and Spike.


Gliss is a very energetic, funny and likeable fairy teen who enjoys life with her friends. She can't stand Spike's laziness and loves playing with Peri and her other friends of hers in the snow.


Secret of the Wings

Gliss is first seen working on Winder Wood with Spike and tries to get her to move, the two are seen by Tink and Peri le presents to her, while they frost the leaves with frost.

Tink slips and is discovered by Gliss and Spike, Gliss finds it fascinating that Peri has a twin sister and is thrilled about it unlike Spike who hesitates to see a heat fairy in Winder Wood, however both Gliss and Spike have fun with the two. twins sledding and skating.

That night when Tink has to go back to the warm places, she and Peri decide that tomorrow she will come to the warm places tomorrow, and she along with Gliss, Spike, Sled and Slush have to get a big chunk of ice for the machine created by Tink, Bobble and Clank. Before Peri leaves Gliss asks her to bring her the biggest acorn she can find, as she has always wanted one of her own.

After a day of fun in the warm places, the ice sheet is almost completely worn out and Peri is forced to return to Winder Wood, as soon as she gets back Lord Milori she spots her withered wings and heals them in a flash and says that they will recover within minutes, after which Milori declares that the two may never see each other again. Later the Pixie Dust in Winder Wood is wearing out, and Tink rushes there to warn Peri, Gliss and Spike that the entire Pixie Hollow is in grave danger threatened by a perennial frost and all four rush to Tree Dust because Peri , Gliss and Spike have to cover the Tree Dust with their frost. The three, however, will not be able to cover it all before the storm assaults it, given the large size of the tree, but then Milori, Dewey and other snow fairies come to their rescue.

After Pixie Hollow is saved Lord Milori and Queen Clarion they understand that the reason for this chaos was because they created that rule and therefore abolish it forever, and in protecting the wings fairies of the heat Gliss, Spike and other fairies of winter cover their wings with frost.

During the final celebration Bobble, a friend of Tink's, gives Gliss a large acorn that she is more than happy to have one.

The Pirate Fairy

Gliss makes a cameo appearance in The Pirate Fairy, which does the show with Peri and Spike, is also one of the victims Zarina puts to sleep to steal the blue dust.

She is also seen at the end where she and all the other fairies are awakened by Tsarina herself and Tink, and she enjoys the final show with Peri and Spike in the evening.


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