Sanctioned by the United Nations, the Global Defense Initiative has one goal: to eliminate multi-national terrorism in an effort to preserve freedom.
~ EVA Database briefing

The Global Defense Initiative (commonly reffered to as GDI) are the peacekeeping military organization in the Command & Conquer series. They are the enemies of the Brotherhood of Nod and are determined to eradicate the alien resource known as Tiberium.


After 4 Tiberium wars GDI now not only defeat the Brotherhood of Nod but also cleanse the Earth of Tiberium and help rebuild mankind from the previous wars.


GDI is known for their superior ground force(Their basic and advanced land units such as medium and mammoth tanks are better than their rivals) and good technology. They also got a good air force(Orcas as their main high tech aircraft but also other aircrafts).


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