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To those of you who would do harm to humanity, I say this: the Global Occult Coalition stands ready to defend humanity against all foes. Whether it likes it or not.
~ From the "GoI Field Guide".
Prior to the Coalition getting their hands on this, it was perfectly harmless. A chair which teleports to you when you need a seat is normal compared to most of the stuff that we deal with on a regular basis. When they put it through a woodchipper, it got hurt, scared and angry, so it lashed out at them. By trying to 'protect the world' by destroying it, they inadvertently made the situation a whole lot worse.
~ Dr. Sievert on the GOC's action against SCP-1609.

The Global Occult Coalition (GOC), also known as the United Nations Global Occult Coalition (UNGOC) is a major power in the world of the SCP Foundation. It serves as the official protector of the human race, overseen by the United Nations. It was founded after the Seventh Occult War/WWII. They share the Foundation's view of protecting mankind from the thousands of anomalies (or as they call them "parathreats"), though instead of containing them, they usually destroy/kill all anomalies they encounter, making them a more controversial group.

The Coalition consists of 108 powerful anomalous/occult organizations, similar to the real United Nations. They are the main protagonist in the "Unfounded" canon in which the Foundation doesn't exist, the main antagonist in "Mundus, Liberari" series in which Foundation also doesn't exist, and are the main catalysts for the events of "Rat's Nest".

The Fivefold mission

While the SCP Foundation has a threefold mission statement, the GOC has a fivefold, matching the Pentagram in their emblem. The mission statement is the following, and are listed in order of importance:

Survival The GOC has to protect the human race against all paranormal threats, and this mission takes priority over all other four.

Concealment: The GOC has to keep the knowledge of paranormal threats secret, as exposure of said threats could lead to mass panic and, eventually, massive casualties in the wider civilian population.

Protect: The GOC always tries to protect individual humans, both operatives and civilians, whenever possible, as long as it does not go against the first two previous statements.

Destruction: The GOC should not take any risk with the survival of paranormal threats, as the very existence of the anomalous could be a risk to the human race's survival.

Education: The GOC should always expand their knowledge of paranormal threats, and to study said threats, as long as it does not go against the four previous statements.


The GOC was once known as the Allied Occult Initiative, which fought the Thule Society and Ahnenerbe Obskurakorp in the Seventh Occult War/WWII.

After the war, the countries wanted more oversight over the anomalous, and as the SCP Foundation (which already existed back then) was a more private organization, and no single country was trusted alone, the GOC was formed from 108 different and powerful anomalous/occult organizations. 

Over the years the GOC has become a major player on the world stage, having even more funding than the Foundation, and is often seen as the "police of the paranormal world".

In 1953 the group SAPPHIRE, a member of the Council of 108, broke off due to ideological divergences.


The Coalition is usually led by an Acting Director whose role resembles that of the Administrator from the SCP Foundation. Notables Acting Directors of the Coalition have been Reginald Ulysses Law and Eric Burke. The Acting Director's immediate superior is the Undersecretary-General, a public official from the United Nations.

Each of the 108 occult groups having a representative in the Council of 108, the leadership of GOC, similar to the O5 Council of the SCP Foundation. Another important is the Nexus, which controls the network of Command Central hubs to coordinate and support local operations.

The PHYSICS Division is the action arm of the GOC, similar to the Mobile Task Forces of the Foundation. They observe, investigate, capture and/or neutralize anomalies. The two main arms of this Division are the Assessment Teams (Investigation & Observation) and Strike Teams (Combat & Assault).

The PSYCHE Division is the diplomatic arm of the GOC, which serve as liaisons with the paranormal community, and tries to keep peace with other paranormal powers.

The PTOLEMY Division is the support arm of the GOC. They vary from scientists and researchers from Research and Development who develop new technologies to Quartermasters, who oversee logistics from weapons to food.

Notable members of the 108

​​​​​​Relationships with other organizations

The GOC has a complicated relationship with the SCP Foundation. The GOC is known to criticize the Foundation for the use of D-Class personnel (a UN human rights violation in their eyes) as well as not always destroying anomalies. The Foundation on the other hand does not always agree with the GOC's methods as well, stating that destroying something anomalous might sometimes make things worse, as there is no going back from it (see SCP-1609). Despite this, the two groups often act as allies when it comes to global threats, such as SCP-2845 or the Scarlet King.

The Church of the Broken God and the Chaos Insurgency are usually viewed by the GOC as hostile forces, similar to the SCP Foundation, seeking to destroy the threatening groups.

The GOC is in direct conflict with the Serpent's Hand and has attacked the Hand's base of operations, the Wanderer's Library, which has caused much damage to the interdimensional location. The Hand called the Coalition as the "Bookburners", due to the GOC's habit of destroying anomalies.

The GOC, the SCP Foundation, the Horizon Initiative and the Church of the Broken God has also formed a secret alliance called "Triumvirate", in order to fight the threat of Grand Karcist Ion and the secret rise of his faith, Sarkicism.

As excepted Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting has an extremely antagonistic relationship with the GOC, mostly due to the Circus' leader Icky having a grudge against the organization's Ichabod Campaign.

The GOC has a friendly and cooperative relationship with the government of the city of Three Portlands and its educational anomalous institutions such as Deer College. This is due to Three Portlands existing in its own pocket dimension safely hidden from the general public which doesn't oppose the GOC's goals. The members of GOC supervise the government and the educational institutions and even helped them when the SCP Foundation tried to take advantage of them as mentioned in the "Deer and Overseers" article. The GOC also oversees the technological metropolis of Eurtec, which was founded by the Council of 108's Servants of the Silicon Nornir.

During the SCP-6500 crisis in which all anomalies were being neutralized, GOC operative Martin Bowe and other members formed a splinter group dedicated to take complete control over magic and destroy the Foundation. Following Bowe's arrest and John Yttoric's appointment as the new leader of the splinter group, the Foundation decided to refer to the newly formed group as the Foundation Elimination Coalition, a title formerly used by General George Bowe's defunct organization.





  • Author, Kain Pathos Crow, was inspired into creating the GOC after reading a creepypasta about some Soviet forces killing God.
  • Despite a noble mission statement, the GOC is could also be considered as a potential New World Order concept, as several of its members, come from controversial groups, as does their Pentagram emblem. In the case of SCP-1730, it appears the Foundation was taken over by the GOC in another reality, and it started an anomaly-holocaust, killing all anomalies, including a being that was suspected to be the Abrahamic God. This apparently triggered an XK-class "end of the world scenario" and the Earth was turned into a hell-like landscape.
  • According to the tale "Clavis", the Gate Guardian, and by extension God, highly approved of the GOC's actions and unlike the other organizations the Coalition would be granted salvation after winning the war of Heaven.
  • In the "Broken Masquerade" canon, after the SCP Foundation tried to save Earth from a K-Class scenario, North Korea was unfortunately lost in another reality which caused mass chaos among the public. As the Foundation was unable to keep it secret the GOC decided to become public and broke the Veil of Normalcy by revealing to the whole world the real anomalous world and the existence of the anomalous groups. However, this backfired as despite their real nature being revealed the Foundation was able to earn the public's trust, while the GOC was completely dismantled.
  • In the "Unfounded" canon in which the SCP Foundation was never formed, the GOC became the central force keeping the anomalies a secret from humanity, and hired some members who were known Foundation personnel.
    • It is later revealed that the SCP Foundation had used SCP-6871 to remove from existence Madame al Fine, which in turn caused the GOC to never form and allowed Sarkicism to spread. After the Foundation rendered the world in a more worse state, Administrator decided to undo the damage they caused by removing themselves from existence. The GOC found out about this after exploring a Exclusionary Site which was immune to outside reality changing events.
  • In the "Rat's Nest" canon in which the world was slowly being destroyed, the GOC was responsible for the entropy due to killing LTE-0913-Ex-Machina, later revealed to have been Harambe designated SCP-6170, who was keeping the world together. Following his physical death by the GOC, the entire world began breaking down while the anomalies took over.
  • In the universe of the "Mundus, Liberari" series in which the GOC is unrelated to the UN and the Foundation doesn't exist, the GOC was successful in eradicating most of the anomalous world. This later led to the various leaders from notable GoIs forming an organization known as Overwatch Council which was somewhat of an analogue of the Foundation as their goals were to secure the innocent victims of the GOC, contain operatives of the GOC and protect those victims and objects from the GOC.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, the GOC was part of the Peacekeepers which was also comprised by the UIU (Unusual Incidents Unit) and was one of the GoIs that made up the Compendium.

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