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Gloria Glad is the supporting protagonist in the Richie Rich franchise and is Richie Rich's girlfriend. She likes Richie but does not like accepting expensive gifts from him.


Gloria is a sweet, serious, and kind-hearted girl. She does not like it when Richie spends too much money on her or when people (even Richie, although he tries not to) show off their wealth. In the comics, she has a temper and only loses it when provoked. She can get angry and/or disappointed when Richie gives her extravagant gifts (out of habit due to his extremely large amount of money he has), which is the series running gag. Also, she can be naive sometimes, like when she sees Richie with another girl and assumes he is dating another girl, but it was actually something else, or assumes that he is making fun of her when an accident ruined a statue/photo of her.

Physical Appearance

In the comics, Gloria is a 6 to 9 year old girl with red hair, often seen with a purple or red bow, white shirt, red skirt with a windowpane pattern, and black sandals.

In the 1980 TV series, Gloria is an 11 year old girl with red hair, who wears a pink shirt with a white collar and sleeves (later all pink) with a dark pink skirt and pink shoes. She is seen having dark red lips, bright pink lips, or no lip stick at all.


In her first appearance "First Date", she was going on her first date with Richie Rich and doesn't seem to mind receiving tons of gifts from him. However, in her second appearance "Gifts for Gloria", she then restrains Richie from bringing her extravagant gifts and instructs him to bring her something simple instead.


  • She is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, who would later do the voice of Bart Simpson of The Simpsons.
  • In "The Collector", she is considered "The World's Prettiest Girl".

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