Glottis grim fandango
Glottis is a demon and a supporting protagonist in the 1998 Lucasarts adventure-game Grim fandango. He was voiced by Alan Blumenfeld.



Glottis and Manny, going to retrieve Mercedes.

Glottis, like most demons in the land of the dead, was nothing more than a servant to the skeletons. Specifically as a mechanic at the department of death. But after assisting one of the department's salesmen, Manuel Calavera, in retrieving a soul that wasn't rightfully his, the both of them were fired. The soul they had retrieved, Mercedes Colomar, disappeared into the land of the dead on her own. And so the duo set out on a quest of redemption to find her.

Manny and Glottis at the casino.

The two eventually open up their own casino in the port-town of Rubacawa, hoping that Mercedes will eventually pass through. After Manny spots her on a boat, they set out to sea after her. They track her down to a slave mining facility where she is forced to work as a secretary for the manager. After Glottis fixes an old ocean-cruiser, they succeed in saving Mercedes and the rest of the slaves.
Glottis and manny

Glottis and Manny share a hug.

After a long journey they reach the end of the land of the dead, but find that they cant pass on to the next world without their "Double N Tickets" that were previously stolen by a gangster named Hector Lemans. Manny, Mercedes and Glottis travel to the city of El Marrow, tracks Hector down, kills him and takes the tickets back. Glottis however can't pass on to the next world as he is not a deceased soul. He bids goodbye to Manny and states that "he was the best boss he ever had." After Manny and Mercedes leaves, Glottis starts living with the demons at the gate to the ninth underworld, as they share his love for engineering.


Glottis is a highly skilled and passionate mechanic, usually tinkering with cars, boats and the like simply for the fun of it, and also taking equal joy in driving them. Despite his competence however, he is often shown to be insecure and easily upset. But after Manny starts encouraging him , he grows fiercely loyal to the skeleton. Even though Manny is not above using his gullibility and addiction to alcohol to his advantage.

Glottis is also revealed to be highly addicted to race-gambling and liquor, an urge which he usually succumbs to at the slightest chance.

At the end of the game, he also befriends the smaller demons stationed at the gate to the ninth underworld because of their mutual fascination for engineering.

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