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Gluntz is a supporting character and one of the antagonist heroes (along side McWinkle) of the first season of the Netflix series "Green Eggs And Ham" as well as a minor character in Season 2. Gluntz is a rookie to the B.A.D.G.U.Y.S. (Bureau of Animal Defense Glurfsburg Upper Yippville Section) agency and McWinkle's loyal sidekick. She returns in Season 2 as a full-fledged agent of the BADGUYS.

She is voiced by Jillian Bell.


She is covered in yellow fur, and wears black gloves, a black shirt, and a beret. Her ears also resemble rabbit ears.


Although she takes her job seriously, Gluntz is very cheery, upbeat, and unpredictable, much unlike McWinkle. She is very quick to interrogate other people if necessary.

She also thinks that the acronym of the B.A.D. G.U.Y.S. is misleading because they are not actually bad and believes the name should be changed.