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The Gluphosaur is a species of Dinotrux from the franchise of the same name. They are a cross between a Dilophosaurus and a glue gun. They can shoot adhesive glue which can instantly hold any kind of material together. The only solvent to the glue is salt.


When D-Structs stole they ore, they blame on Ty Rux and his friend steal they ore and D-Structs grab Ty Rux and his friendsstuck together and then D-Structs show up and Ty and his friends grab them and then D-Structs dragging them and he throw the cliff and Skya lucky his her hook and to a middle of the Rock and Revvit saw Stix can't use glue shoot and the Revvit is telling Stix the truth Ty and his friend didn't steal Stix pack food It's D-Structs Stole and make them mad and Revvit fix Stix's gear and He able to shoot glue agian and then Gluphosaurs leader and his pack to about shoot Revvit and Stix defend Revvit and he telling Revvit fix Stix's gears and Gluphosaur leader agree with Revvit and he and his pack to do for them


Known Gluphosaurs

  • Stix
  • The "Gruff Gluphosaur"


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