Chompsky is a minor character that first appeared in the TV series, Trollhunters.

H is voiced by Rodrigo Blaas.


Chomsky used to be mischievous, like other gnomes. He stole the amulet of Jim Lake Jr.. Later Jim was shrunken into a size of a gnome by Blinky Galadrigal in order to fight the gnome in order to retrieve the amulet. He did it and the gnome is captured. Later in Toby's house, Jim is also there, but he is still small He had a virtual video in a dollhouse in order to look big, but the gnome kept wrestling him. It turned out that the gnome needs a house, so the dollhouse became his house and the doll became his girlfriend. He was later named Chompsky.

In one of the later episodes, he volunteered to go in the dimension of Gunmar, who is an evil troll. Chompsky later saw kidnapped babies. Chompsky was later brought back to earth from the portal in order to send a message from Gunmar.


Chompsky appeared looking like other gnomes. He is small, has a pointy hat, white beard and wears a typical gnome suit with a big belt buckle.


He used to be very mischievous, since he stole the amulet, but once he has his own home, he redeemed himself and he was able to find his girlfriend, who is a doll.


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