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God or God from the bible is character from the light novel series, HighSchool DXD. God was originally the true leader of Heaven and the Angel's faction. He was known as the creator of all the angels in heaven with Archangel Micheal being his right hand. He was also the one who created the 4 Holy swords; Excalibur (Original Form), Durandel, Ascalon, and Caliburn. God alongside his faction was in the great war against the original four great Satans also called the four great Devil Kings along with their faction and Grigori, the faction of Fallen Angels who fell from heaven. In the great war, God along with the four great Satans was killed in the war and becuse of God's death and the four great Satans's deaths, the war ended with many losing some of their leaders and best military. Because of God being dead, the information about his current status had to be kept secret from the various religious factions and from many of heaven's religious followers. God's death led to his right-hand Michael to take God's steed as leader of heaven and master of Heaven's system, this led to system being stablized but unfortunatly not as strong as how God controls it as well as how the Angels have lost their means to increase their numbers. It is later revealed that prior to the Great War, the true reason God died was because he was using up all of his power to seal away the legendary apocalyptic beast known as the Trihexa which led up to God fighting the war in an exhaused state

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