God of basketball

The God of Basketball, also known as The Basketball Coach King, is a character who debuts in Slam Dunk.


He apparently lives within the moon and rides in a custom designed white flying Cadillac Escalade. He then quickly befriends Mordecai and Rigby, which leads him into offering them to learn how to play basketball well. When that does not go according to plan, he uses his powers to instantly grant both of them great basketball powers. He momentarily changes sides when he is forced to play with Muscle Man against the duo for computer rights for life. He later appears in Exit 9B as a protagonist Skips summons. He helps out to save The Park. He is voiced by Carl Weathers, best known in the Rocky films.


He appears to have a basketball for a head, but with real human face parts, such as mouth, eyes etc. He has a dark brown afro with a golden crown on his head, purple sunglasses, dark brown sideburns, and a dark brown beard with a connecting dark brown mustache. He has a white undershirt (basketball jersey) with the number "1" on it. He also has short orange basketball shorts, long white socks, yellow and white basketball shoes, and a long yellow cape.He also appears to have a yellowish orange glow on the outside of is body.

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